Monochrome looks in clothes 2023

Laconic, spectacular, expensive – this is how you can characterize a fashionable image, made in a monochrome style. To create it means to show others your excellent sense of taste and color perception. At first glance, total-look is something simple and uncomplicated, easy to repeat. In fact, it is a real skill that not all ladies manage to master. The line between “aerobatics” and bad taste is too thin here. What are they – fashionable total looks 2023? Let’s talk about them in today’s review.


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Suitable fabrics and textures for creating total looks

You can create a monochrome image not only in a single color. Choose things made from the same material and you will also get a fashionable, stylish, elegant total-look. And no one in this case forbids experimenting with textures. For example, combine matte and glossy eco-leather or transparent and dense chiffon in an outfit, it will turn out spectacularly and dynamically.

Next, we list the fabrics that are best suited for creating total looks for all occasions.

  • Denim. It is possible that denim will go out of fashion someday, but it will definitely not happen in 2023. Both individual elements of the image and total denim looks are in trend. They will be especially relevant in the spring-summer season. A stylish outfit can be created using jeans and a shirt, a skirt and a jacket, shorts and a crop top or a corset.


  • Eco leather. Leather continues to be one of the trending materials, and fashionistas may well put it on from head to toe. Feel free to wear a leather trench coat with similar pants and a blouse. Or a stylish midi dress in tandem with high leather boots and a leather jacket. As we have already said, textures can be chosen both matte and glossy.


  • Linen. Do you want to create a trendy and most comfortable look for the summer of 2023? Then turn to flax. This practical and body-friendly material is a must-have for the hot season. Combine linen skirts and T-shirts, T-shirts and loose trousers, shirts and shorts in one look. Stylish women’s suits of their linen will be very popular.


  • Knitwear. Knitted total bows are clear fashion trends for the 2023 season. Moreover, in this case, fashionistas will have a lot of options for creating a stylish look. For example, you can choose a knitted maxi dress, complement it with a sweater and a scarf. A thin knit suit will look good with a cardigan, and trousers with a jumper.


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In one image, thin and smooth knitwear can be combined with coarse coarse knitwear. Opposite textures will complement each other favorably.

We create total bows correctly

To make a monochrome total-look interesting, it must be compiled according to certain rules.

  • Only one color can be central. Around him and form your image. The remaining shades should be either lighter or darker, but all within the same palette.
  • Do not include more than three, maximum four shades in one outfit. Otherwise, the main “zest” will be lost. Remember, monochrome images should look original, not colorful.
  • If you couldn’t find shoes, gloves, a hat or a handbag to match your bow, it doesn’t matter. Check out the classics. Black and white accessories are always fashionable and stylish. They complement solid colors well.
  • The correct total look is always only warm or only cold colors. No combinations are allowed here. That is, you can’t take pistachio and combine it with “frosty” menthol.
  • To make the image dynamic, use prints. Not everywhere, but on any one element of the bow. The pattern may have the same colors as the outfit, or differ in contrast.


When creating a bright total image, it is allowed to use achromats – shades devoid of a color component. As a rule, it is white, gray, black, milky. There should be no more than 25-30% of them in the outfit. The simplest thing is to choose achromatic accessories: scarves, bags, belts, gloves, and shoes.


Choosing colors to create monochrome looks in clothes for the 2023 season

What shades are best for creating total looks this season? Let’s list the current ones.

  • Black. Black outfits look very stylish. But at the same time, they are quite complex. So that the clothes do not merge into one big spot, there must be some kind of “zest”. These are: asymmetrical cut, open areas of the body, metallic decor, contrasting accessories.


  • Grey. An excellent choice for women with a cold type of appearance. Gray shades will show themselves well in the off-season. At the same time, the image will not look boring at all. To “revive” it a little, use different textures. For example, satin and knitwear.


  • burgundy. Noble burgundy will be appropriate in both evening and everyday bows. Fashion 2023 is very loyal to this shade. In addition, it is not as expressive and catchy as red, which not every woman dares to wear. Burgundy solo bows are more relevant in autumn and winter.


  • Mustard. If you are interested in the novelties of the season, turn to the beautiful, rich deep mustard color. It can be combined in one total bow with dark yellow, honey, amber. Be prepared for the fact that the image will turn out to be catchy, provocative, bold.

  • Green. Moreover, almost the entire palette is in fashion. That is, you can make the main thing in your bow any shade of green from emerald green to light green and mint. There are ideas for images for summer, and for winter, and for the off-season. The most interesting in the photo below.


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In addition, brown, white, classic blue, bright orange, scarlet and calm beige are in trend.


Women’s total looks in the 2023 season are a harmony of colors, a play of textures and the most original combinations. From the photos presented in the review, you can draw a lot of ideas. Dare!

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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