Модная обувь 2020

Mules – fashionable shoes for the summer season 2020

Mules are comfortable women’s shoes that do not have a heel. Recently, such models have become especially popular, and every spring-summer season they are used by eminent designers in fashion collections. The year 2020 was marked by a number of changes in the usual looks – so the mules have undergone some metamorphoses in order to remain at the peak of popularity.

Fashion shoes 2020

Shoe Features

The word “mules” means “slippers for the house.” But at the same time, they can have a high heel or a thin needle-shaped hairpin. The toe can be closed, ajar, sharp, rounded and even square. This is a non-standard option for women who are tired of classic pumps or well-worn ballet flats. They are versatile, suitable for different looks, can be used as a daily option or be an addition to a solemn evening look.

Actual colors and prints

In 2020, mules of bright non-trivial colors will be in trend. Minimalist prints never go out of style and look appropriate on comfortable shoes. Imitation of a leopard, zebra, crocodile will be an interesting addition to the mule. The print can decorate not only the top, but also the heel. Shoes made of leather and suede are suitable for the office and when combined with evening dresses. For recreation and trips to nature, wicker and fabric options are suitable.

fashion print

Restrained shades remain popular, they fit classic looks and are also appropriate for non-trivial trendy bows. But in 2020, bright and warm shades are gradually coming into fashion: mustard, yellow, orange. It will be interesting to look shoes in metallic shades. Designers offer to combine them with formal dresses and everyday things.

If you want to focus on your image, put on mules in trendy colors: purple, pistachio, red are suitable. In combination with a laconic bottom, a memorable bow is obtained that attracts the attention of passers-by.

Fashion mules


This season, at the peak of popularity, models with decor in the form of chains and metal jewelry. Jewelry can match the color of the shoes or differ in tone. At the shows of famous designers of the 2020 season, mules decorated with straps were seen. On some models they act as a fastener, on others they wrap the leg several times. Shoes decorated with beads, sequins, shiny buckles and bows will also be relevant.

Mules with low heels


The trendy detail of the spring-summer season will be a small heel. This model is not only comfortable to wear, but also looks appropriate with many looks, from everyday to formal. In the coming period, mules with a thickened square heel are relevant.

High heel

A figured heel will help to diversify restrained color shades. Such a detail helps to give the image a little extravagance. At the same time, a non-standard heel is often distinguished by comfort in wearing.

New trends dictate that mules can also be worn with flat heels. These models are vaguely reminiscent of flip-flops and backless ballet flats, but they look more feminine and elegant.

Black mules


The 2020 season makes suede models in demand. These mules look elegant and expensive. To fully reveal the image, choose rich shades of green, burgundy and brown. Actual leather shoes with a glossy and matte top. Patent leather shoes are best left for evening looks. Matte is suitable for everyday walks and office outfits.

Fabric mules are especially appropriate for the summer season. They are well breathable, the leg will not sweat and experience discomfort. Suitable for women of all ages. Silk mules have a special elegance. They can become not just comfortable shoes for walking and going to work, but also a real work of art, especially if the top of the shoe is complemented with embroidery and beaded decor.

Mules on a hairpin

Mules are designed to attract attention and make images non-trivial and memorable. At the same time, they allow you to feel comfortable and comfortable in any situation. Several pairs of mules will help to successfully beat the same image from different angles.

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