Multi-colored coats are in trend: stylish looks for spring 2021

The basic thing in a woman’s wardrobe is a coat. When choosing, take into account the style of clothing and lifestyle.

Colored coats filled the collections of Prado, Valentine, Dolce & Gabbana and others. After the fashion for monochrome and dark tones over the past two years, the appearance of bright colors in fashion design is quite expected.

In the current season of 2021, you can find coats with various patterns, flower ornaments and a cage. They can be located throughout the coat, or in any one part. Even an ordinary style can be made unique with the help of unusual colors and combinations of materials.

Floral coat

A coat with a floral print looks fresh and bold. Such colors can quickly get bored, but they will definitely cheer you up. This coat looks stylish in combination with a classic blouse and an aristocratic hairpin.

A large drawing will emphasize the femininity of the image and make others pay attention. A small pattern is practical for everyday wear.

abstract patterns

Abstract print on outerwear will also be fashionable this season. In the collections of designers there are such elements as rhombuses, smooth lines and bright spots. Unusual prints will make the image unforgettable and emphasize individuality.


When choosing a coat with a check pattern, size, line thickness and contrast are taken into account. Based on the goal, you can visually expand the silhouette or visually stretch. In the first case, preference should be given to a large cage with wide lines and a contrasting color. In the second – a small cell with thin lines in soothing colors.

Animal prints

Drawings that repeat the color of animals remain popular. Leopard spots, snake pattern, zebra or tiger stripes are used in bright atypical colors for this color.

The owner of such a coat will definitely not be left without attention.


In the current fashion season, designers have focused on the sleeves:

  • wide and voluminous look advantageous on the fair sex with magnificent forms;
  • short sleeves are chosen by practical girls. The image can be supplemented with bright accessories;
  • there are models without sleeves at all, but they are not suitable for any weather;
  • styles with dropped shoulders are often used in oversized models to add volume.

There are no length restrictions for the current season. Short models look harmoniously on girls of small and medium height. Loose and fitted cuts are equally popular.

The oversized model is a universal option. Can be used for a business bow or evening dress. A voluminous silhouette makes figure flaws less noticeable. With the right combination of things, it will not look bulky.

When choosing an image in a cold period, outerwear sets the tone.

A variety of cut, style and color allows you to choose a fashionable coat for a different type of figure.

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