Mummy for hair

As you know, mummy is a very useful and healing substance, moreover, it is complex in its chemical composition. Shilajit consists of complex chemical compounds. It contains a lot of active substances, minerals, vitamins and enzymes and much more. Due to all the useful elements, the mummy has anti-inflammatory, regenerating, tonic properties. This substance is mined in some areas of our land, in the mountains. In appearance, the mummy is a viscous mixture in color from brown to black, it dissolves very well in water. The consistency is viscous at first, then tends to harden. The taste of the mummy is bitter and has an unusual smell. It is recommended to store the mummy in the refrigerator.

The most common deposits of the substance are in the mountains of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

There are many versions of what a mummy is and from where it came from. One of the versions is that mummy is a mineral substance that is formed in the faults of the earth’s crust. The origin is directly related to the Earth’s mantle. Even in ancient times, the mummy was called “mountain oil”. Some scientists are inclined to believe that the mummy is of organic origin. Shilajit is formed from microorganisms, plants, protozoa. The healing mummy is found in the mountains, where limestone deposits are found in large quantities in caves and grottoes. Shilajit is mined where atmospheric and melt waters do not penetrate. It was noticed that the mummy is formed at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. Another place where you can find the formation of mummy is the slopes of juniper. In caves, mummy is found in the form of icicles, streaks on stones, sometimes mummy can be found in the form of a shiny black glaze. Entering the cave where the mummy deposit is located, attention is immediately drawn to the specific smell.

The most convenient and common place for the production of mummy is the accumulation of droppings of local rodents. Everyone knows that mummy is stored mainly in nature in a dry mountain climate. Such places usually have a lack of oxygen, increased ultraviolet radiation and a sharp fluctuation in temperature. An interesting fact of finding the mummy gave out the age of the substance -15 thousand years.

The properties of mummy have been known since ancient times. This substance can even treat hair. Now the mummy is very widespread in modern medicine.

Shilajit for hair is an excellent natural remedy with good anti-toxic, anti-inflammatory properties. For treatment and prevention, mumiyo is used in the form of a solution. Mumiyo can also be taken orally. 0.2 grams daily before meals, usually in the morning.

Very often, mummy is used for active nutrition and hair restoration. Mumiye gently and effectively helps to restore the previous structure of the hair, help with dullness, brittleness. It also stimulates hair growth.

To strengthen the hair, the solution is not difficult to prepare. A few grams of the mummy is diluted in water and before washing the hair, rinse the hair and rub the resulting solution into the roots, then rinse. If such a procedure is done constantly, the improvement of the hair is guaranteed.

In order for the treatment to be effective, you need to use only real mummy. In folk medicine, mummy is taken orally for spasms, to restore the body, for allergies and respiratory diseases. It is not uncommon for mummy to be taken in order to normalize sleep and appetite. Outwardly, the mummy is used for various skin diseases, applied to wounds, scratches and others.

In folk medicine, mummy is used in the treatment of acne, as well as in the treatment of hair.

Shilajit is very useful and has healing effects against baldness, it is useful for split ends, dull and damaged hair. Mummy for hair can be used both for prevention and for therapeutic purposes. For example, shampoos, balms and masks containing mummy are suitable for daily hair care.

For hair treatment, only real mummy is used, such treatment can be done in beauty salons or in cosmetic clinics. You can also use the mummy at home.

For the hair treatment procedure, the mummy is easy to dissolve in water. The water will turn brown. The resulting solution is used in its pure form, or with the addition of additional hair products.

If the hair falls out, an aqueous solution of mummy should be rubbed into the hair roots to enhance the treatment, you can add honey or sea buckthorn juice to the solution.

With dandruff and itching of the scalp, a mummy solution is added to a decoction of burdock root. The resulting solution is rubbed into the roots or added to water when rinsing the hair after washing.

In spring and autumn, cute girls can suffer from such a problem as split ends of their hair. To bring the hair into good condition, you need to dissolve the mummy in a decoction of burdock leaves and mint. The solution is applied along the entire length of the hair, paying special attention to problem areas.

To speed up hair growth, mumiyo is mixed with cranberry infusion and applied to the hair, also rubbing the solution into the roots of the scalp.

To strengthen the hair, a mummy solution is added to a mixture of aloe with garlic, honey and yolk. The mixture is distributed over the entire length of the hair and you need to put on a warming cap to complete the procedure. Any treatment should be continued for about two weeks at intervals of two to three days.

Research by scientists has led to the fact that a person is not recommended to take mummy when a person shows hypersensitivity to some component of the mummy. Mummy is taken with caution by pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

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