Nail and hand skin care at home

For many years, the beauty of the skin of the hands and nails has been one of the symbols of female beauty. Well-groomed hands, neat nails from ancient times made a favorable impression and even influenced fate.

Previously, according to the condition of the nails and skin of the hands, ancient healers could accurately determine the state of human health.

Many diseases of the hands and nails often appear in the absence of the necessary care for them. The skin of the hands reacts very strongly to the harmful effects of the external environment: they are polluted, exposed to chemical elements, cold and sun more often than other open parts of the body. If the hands are not given proper care, then cracks will appear on them, and it will begin to age prematurely and lose its elasticity, the nails will become brittle and lifeless.

There are a number of rules developed by famous manicure masters that you should follow if you want your hands and nails to stay beautiful and healthy longer:

First rule: Care for the skin of hands and nails must be daily, and “not from time to time.” To keep them healthy and strong, a balanced diet is essential.

Second rule: Be sure to lubricate your hands and nails with a nourishing cream that suits your skin type.

Third rule: When cleaning and washing the apartment, rubber gloves should be worn.

Fourth rule: Carry out a manicure on your own at least once every 2 weeks, while removing the burrs that have appeared, which can cause infection.

Fifth rule: You should not paint your nails with varnish daily. At night, it is advisable to remove the varnish and lubricate the nail plate with lemon juice.

Sixth rule: For good nail growth, you need to eat foods containing calcium and iodine.

Seventh rule: To preserve the youth of the hands, you need to periodically “spoil” them with baths and ointments based on natural ingredients. For example: to make the skin matte and velvety, you need to apply a wrap with beeswax ointment every day for one week. To do this, you need to take one yolk of a boiled egg, grind it with beeswax and add a few drops of peach oil, but so that the mass remains thick. For those who often wash their hands for some reason, an ointment based on a mixture of three teaspoons of olive oil and one honey is suitable. Baths experts advise to apply whenever possible 2-3 per week. There is a simple folk recipe: mix the juice of sour cabbage and yogurt in a ratio of 1:1. After each bath, hands must be washed with warm water and lubricated with cream.

Do not forget that the physical condition of the body as a whole depends on the health of the hands and nails. No wonder they say that the nail is an indicator of human health.

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