Nail design at home

With limited movement, modern fashionistas are interested in manicure ideas at home. Often such a need arises during a long illness, quarantine circumstances, the inability to visit your master for other reasons, such as leaving for another city, a long trip, and other options. In the material, we will offer you several ways to design nails for a “home manicure”. At first glance, they seem complicated. But in fact, to cope with the task is quite simple.


Hand care principles

Always remember that nail decoration is the final stage of manicure. First you need to put your hands in order. Namely, remove the cuticle, treat the periungual ridges and shape the nails. You can do it yourself as well. You just need to stock up on such tools:

  • hand bath or any convenient container;
  • sea ​​salt or essential oil;
  • orange stick to push back cuticles;
  • nail files for shaping nails;
  • cuticle forceps;
  • a piece of suede or a light, fine-grained buff for polishing nails if necessary.

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Manicure is performed in the following sequence:

  • steam your hands in warm water;
  • move the cuticle with an orange stick;
  • using forceps, carefully cut off its excess, remove excess skin from the periungual ridges;
  • shape your nails with a nail file and polish them with chamois. Do not forget to pamper your hands with cream at the end of the procedure.

Getting started with nail art

First of all, let’s look at manicure ideas that you can implement at home using ordinary varnish. And let’s not make it boring. There are several options for coloring nails with simple varnishes. Experts use the following:

  • Monochrome. In this case, shades of one selected color are applied to the nails. For example, it will be green. So we use 5 of its subtones from light green to rich emerald green. We paint the nails with each shade, moving from the little finger to the thumb. We do the same on the nails of the second hand.
  • Achrome. In this case, contrasting shades are used to color the nails. For example, white and black, green and red, gold and silver, and so on. Varnishes can be applied by alternating nails. This is the easiest decor option. It turns out very interesting.
  • Triad. For this design of nails, you will need three different shades of varnish. Available in bold and dynamic colors. Varnishes are applied to the nails in random order. The main thing is that the composition lays down evenly, does not strip and does not give bald spots. Then the hands will look fun and neat.

[tds_warning]When decorating nails with different shades of varnish, consider an important point: the textures of decorative coatings must match. That is, either all varnishes are matte, or all varnishes are glossy. [/tds_warning]

Gradient is easy

It is very easy to create such a design on the nails. You will need one rich shade of polish and one white polish. We perform the work in the following sequence:

  • Take any convenient container or just an oilcloth file. On it we will breed shades of varnish.
  • Place four large drops of varnish at a good distance from each other.
  • Add white varnish to each of the drops. In the first drop, one part of white varnish, in the second drop – two parts, in the third drop – 3 parts of white varnish and in the fourth, respectively, four parts. Thus, we got four subtones of one varnish: from the darkest to the lightest. Mix them well with a brush.
  • Now it remains to cover the nails. On the thumb, apply the brightest saturated shade from the bottle. Cover each next nail with a composition of drops formed on the file. Thus, a beautiful gradient is formed on the hand with a color transition from the thumb to the little finger. Top with clear polish.

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Lunar manicure

It can be done obliquely or in the classic version. This manicure idea for beginners is painted in stages. Remember that a moon manicure is always a visual highlight of the nail hole. To cope with this task, proceed according to the following scheme.

  • Cover all nails with the main shade of varnish. Let it dry.
  • Now stock up on a thin brush and a contrasting shade of varnish. Using a brush, outline the hole on the nail and completely paint over it. If this task seems difficult for you, then use special overhead stencils. After the design of the nails, they are easily removed.
  • Cover the finished lunar design with a colorless fixing varnish.

There is another version of the moon manicure. In this case, the nail hole is formed into a triangle. Make this design even easier. To do this, take a brush with varnish and paint the nail obliquely on one side and the other. Thus, you will get a triangular hole. Cover the finished manicure with a colorless varnish.

Polka dot design

It is done very easily. Even with the seeming complexity. To perform nail design, you will need a special tool called dots. This is such a manicure pen with a ball at one end. Instead, you can use a regular pin with a round head, an ampoule from a writing pen.

We perform a playful polka dot design in the following order:

  • We paint all the nails of both hands with one shade of varnish. We apply it in two layers.
  • Now we dip a pin with a round head into a varnish of a contrasting color and put peas on the nails. You can use pins with different head sizes. As a result, the peas will turn out to be of different sizes. Once the decor dries, cover your nails with clear varnish.

newspaper design

You can appreciate the beauty of this design in the photo. To decorate your nails, prepare an old newspaper, a container, nail scissors, a base polish, a little alcohol (it can be vodka) and a fixing top.

We perform the work in the following sequence:

  • First, we cover all nails in two layers with the selected base varnish. Let the nails dry completely.
  • Cut the newspaper into small pieces. If you wish, you can cut out the most interesting and important fragments for you. For example, with quotes, important statements, declarations of love.
  • Now pour alcohol into a separate container. We dip the nail into it and hold it for about 3-4 minutes. During this time, the alcohol will soften the varnish a little.
  • The next stage of the design is the application of a piece of newspaper to the nail. Press down on the paper and hold for 10 seconds. This is enough for the text to print. We remove the newspaper.
  • The final step in the design of nails is the coating with a transparent top.


To create an ombre nail design, you will need two shades of varnish. Pick the one you like the most. If you wish, you can dilute them with white varnish to make the tip of the nail as light as possible.

Ombre is performed using a foam sponge. We make the design like this:

  • First, cover all nails with the darkest …

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