Nail design for summer 2019: photos and fashion trends

Summer manicure is a fundamental part of the image of every girl, therefore, nail design should not only be neat, but also comply with the trends of 2019, vivid examples of which can be seen in the photo in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Nail-Trend.

Especially for you, we have identified the top of the most fashionable novelties and ideas in the field of nail design this season, among which every girl can find her summer manicure.


Color and shape

The fashion trends of 2019 dictate to us the complete naturalness and naturalness of the images, including summer manicure, therefore, when creating a beautiful nail design, while being guided by various photos from fashion sources, you will no longer find examples of the design of too long nail plates, since short ones are considered the most trendy today. In this regard, square shapes were left far behind, and oval and almond-shaped returned to fashion.

Bright colors are in fashion in summer

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Masters do not recommend fashionistas to wear nails that are too short, since there is no way to reproduce any design solutions on them.[/stextbox]

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As for the color palette, the fashion trends of the spring-summer season are quite diverse and make it possible to apply both classic monochromatic options and rather non-standard colorful solutions. Therefore, in the hot season, fashionistas should pay attention to bright colors, especially orange, yellow, blue, mint, peach, lilac and all kinds of berry shades. No less popular are pink tones and nudes.

Manicure in beige tones – classic

As for white, black, red and burgundy colors, in this case they are not only “classics of the genre”, but also very versatile shades that will come in handy in the summer of 2019.

Red manicure is interesting both in terms of design and in monochrome.

The best ideas for trendy summer manicure 2019

The spring-summer 2019 season in the field of nail art offers a wide variety of nail design ideas, among which there are many new products, examples of which can be viewed in the photo of master classes by leading manicure masters.

Lunar manicure with geometric elements

Today, non-standard combinations, original design solutions, as well as the use of all kinds of decorative elements in the design of marigolds are in trend. The most popular of these include the following:

  • Colorful lunar and french. They are the undisputed leaders in nail art, because thanks to the jacket, you can not only emphasize the elegance of the nails, but also visually make them longer. In summer, stylists recommend refraining from an ordinary white jacket when designing nails and turning your attention to multi-colored options that are new in 2019, especially with a double stripe and drawings, examples of which can be viewed in the photo on the Internet. It can be floral and geometric motifs, as well as various peas and stripes. Lunar manicure makes it possible to make very large design accents on a plain coating.

Fashionable summer moon manicure

[stextbox id=’info’]A novelty of this year in the design of nails with gel polish is the combination of two techniques at once in one design. The main thing is that the color palette of the moon and French manicure are compatible.[/stextbox]

Combination of bright moon manicure and jacket

  • Bright ombre. This design has been at the peak of popularity among manicure design options for several years now. However, unlike previous seasons, this one has changed somewhat. Looking through various photos in glossy magazines, you can replace the fact that smooth transitions have given way to more contrasting options. In addition, today it is in fashion to use not only two tones of the same color, as was previously customary, but at the same time the entire palette.

Bright ombre

  • Floral motifs. Thanks to modern technologies and the ease of applying decorative products, today it is possible to draw on the nails both a simple small flower and entire artistic floral works. Believe me, this design certainly will not go unnoticed.

fashion flowers

[stextbox id=’info’]A beautiful summer manicure can be done at home thanks to special stickers. To do this, you just need to paint your nails with varnish and stick a sticker with your favorite floral print on top.[/stextbox]

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  • Juicy fruits. Today, fruits and berries are the main ones presented during the warm season. Therefore, it is only natural that the design of manicure with drawings in the form of watermelon, raspberries, cherries, strawberries and apples have become favorites this season. No less popular in summer manicure are also drawings of fruits that are not quite traditional for this period, such as banana, orange, pomegranate and pineapple.

Juicy fruits

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Today it is in fashion to complement the fruit nail design with transparent gel drops that make the manicure even more interesting and realistic.[/stextbox]

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  • ethnic motives. They are novelties of the spring-summer 2019 season with which you can create a beautiful and original nail design, examples of which can be viewed on various photos on social networks of beauty bloggers. It consists of drawings in the form of ornaments and ancient paraphernalia characteristic of paganism and other religions of the peoples of the world. The most popular are Egyptian symbols and Indian mehendi technique.

Bright ethnics

  • Glamorous rhinestones. This season, connoisseurs of fashion trends can not do without glitter on the nails. To create a glamorous design, you can use not only small rhinestones, but also rather large pebbles, beads, sparkles, etc. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it.

Neat and fashionable manicure with large rhinestones

  • negative space. The essence of this design is that the nail plate is not completely varnished, but partially. At the same time, the uncovered part is made in the form of various figures and ornaments. This effect is achieved by using special stencils. For a summer manicure using the negative space technique, it is recommended to use exceptionally bright color palettes.

Matte Negative Space

  • Marine theme. This design has been a leader in the design of summer manicure for several years. This year, anchors and lifebuoys were replaced by drawings of fish, starfish, crabs and other inhabitants of the deep sea, combined with modeling, bright colors and various decorative ornaments.

Classic nautical theme

Summer manicure design in 2019 combines classic nail design options with bright and non-standard solutions, which makes it even more…

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