Nail design with kamifubuki

Kamifubuki is a novelty in the nail art segment, which came to us from distant Japan and has become one of the most popular accessories used today in nail design. Indeed, with this decor, you can create many original manicure design options that even a beginner can handle. Therefore, if you also want to decorate your nails in this way, we suggest you draw inspiration from our collection of fashion design ideas with kamifubuki, presented later in the article.

Stylish manicure with kamiubukami

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What is “kamifubuki”?

Confetti, sparkles, foil rounds – this is all the definition of the same decor, which is called “kamifubuki”. Basically, it looks like a placer of triangular, rectangular and round shiny plates of different sizes and colors. Sometimes you can find curly options in the form of hearts or stars.

Figured kamifubuki in the form of stars

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The peculiarity of kamifubuki lies in their versatility, since this decor fits well into any look, including evening ones.


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In addition, kamifubuki are easy to work with and you can do a manicure with them even at home. One has only to apply them to a previously prepared and undried base, and then cover with a brilliant top.


Manicure Design Ideas Using Kamifubuki

In 2019, the manicure design with multi-colored kamifubuki became so popular that nail art masters offered many novelties in the design of nails with this decor, which can also be seen in the photo and in our article. The most beautiful and original of them are the options below.

Stylish jacket with kamifubuki

  • “Camouflage”. Delicate and spectacular manicure design, which this year has become a trend. It is based on the use of camouflage coatings as a decorative substrate, which completely merge with the color of the nail plate and kamifubuki, predominantly gold or silver.

Kamifubuki in military manicure

  • Transparent. Simultaneously simple in execution and at the same time very unusual design, the essence of which is that kamifubuki are glued on one or two fingers with a previously applied transparent base and then everything is covered with a transparent finish.

Kamifubuki on nails without colored polish

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Important! The novelty of this season is the French manicure design, in which the smile line is lined with plain or colored kamifubuki.


French lined with kamifubuki

  • Minimalism. For lovers of simplicity and conciseness, such a nail design with kamifubuki will be the most, especially since it can be done not only with shellac, but also with ordinary varnish. Its meaning is that several marigolds stand out with one element of confetti, or the plates of the smallest size line up in a small triangle or strip. As for the color palette, in addition to the nude, typical of minimalism, more saturated tones are also allowed.

Manicure with kamifubuki in the style of minimalism

  • With rubbing. The combination of colored kamifubuki with iridescent or metallic sheen creates a truly spectacular and fashionable evening manicure design. But for more modest personalities, stylists suggested combining colored confetti with a “unicorn” or “mermaid” rub, which allows you to wear such a manicure in everyday life.

Kamifubuki in tandem with rubbing

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  • Matte. Colored confetti with a matte top look very stylish and unusual. However, if you “plant” these shiny rounds directly on a matte base, the result will be an imitation of colored highlights over a velvet base.

Matte nails with kamifubuki

  • Monochrome. Initially, this design was created exclusively in black, where one or two nails stood out over a colored substrate with kamifubuki elements. Today, the palette has expanded significantly and in addition to dark ones such as burgundy, green and blue, nude tones are also used.

Beautiful manicure with kamifubuki – monochrome

  • Strip. Geometric patterns are now more relevant than ever, so why not use them in design with kamifubuki. You just need to lay out diamonds or rounds on the surface of the nail in one vertical or diagonal line. Another option is to leave a wide unpainted strip in the center or side of the nail, on top of which you can lay out colored plates.

Stylish manicure with kamifubuki and geometric pattern

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Important! Using the negative space technique, you can also create a design with a triangle or a “bare” moon design, in which kamifubuki will be laid out on a transparent area.


Stylish moon manicure with kamifubuki with geometric motifs

  • Ombre stretch. It is also possible to make a beautiful gradient from decor such as kamifubuki. Stretching in this case can be laid out both from the end and from the base of the nail. As for the base, this design mainly uses a transparent substrate, but it will look no less impressive with a colored base.

Ombre with kamifubuki

  • Volume. This design involves the simultaneous connection of two different textures. Various voluminous curls, monograms and stripes created with fine acrylic powder are perfectly combined with colored kamifubuki. In this case, they can be randomly located on the nail, or they can be used as a complementary element in a three-dimensional design.

Volumetric manicure with kamifubukas

  • with sequins. At the same time, it is easy to perform and at the same time elegant and fashionable design that has conquered the heights of beauty trends. It is based on the selection of one finger with a scattering of sparkles, and the second with kamifubuki of the same color. But more creative individuals can combine these two decors on one nail at once by laying out confetti on top of a shiny coating.

Chic manicure with sparkles, kamifubuki and rubbing

  • Star. The design of a manicure with an imitation of the starry sky is considered a trendy design this fall. To achieve the desired effect, a decorative coating of black or dark blue color is applied to the nails, on top of which kamifubuki in the form of stars are decomposed in a chaotic manner.

Manicure space

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Idea! In order to add more texture to the “star” design, nail art masters put a gel dot on top of a larger confetti element or the same kamifubuki detail, only of a different color and smaller size.


  • “Disco”. Bright and catchy design with kamifubuki, which is most often found in photos on the Internet. Its meaning is that one nail stands out with small rhombuses …

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