Nail design with rhinestones: photo novelties of 2019

Nail design with rhinestones in 2019 is represented by new products that are very interesting to get acquainted with. Photos of the most interesting and beautiful manicure ideas with rhinestones were kindly provided by the world’s leading nail design stylists.


Choosing rhinestones

The cost of a manicure with rhinestones is affected not only by their number, but also by the material of manufacture. Rhinestones made of crystal, glass, plastic, ceramics, and acrylic are used for nail design. Rhinestones also include satin crystals.

Masters use cold-fix rhinestones. Fix them with special glue, in the form of a pencil or pen.

The nail is completely strewn with rhinestones of different sizes

When choosing the size of the stones, give preference to small rhinestones. Large pebbles are appropriate only in special cases and serve to create an emphasis on any detail of the manicure.

[stextbox id=’info’]Attention! The smaller the pebbles, the longer they will last on your nails.[/stextbox]

Usually rhinestones are chosen according to the main color of the nail cover. Pebbles of silver and crystal shades are considered universal.

Lavender, rhinestones and matte finish

Please note that the older the lady, the less shiny elements should be in her manicure.

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The abundance of rhinestones, especially large ones, can only be afforded by young girls; for everyone else, such decoration will only do a disservice. The abundance of decor will focus on the hands, thereby giving out the woman’s age.

How beautiful to lay out rhinestones

If you do not have any special preferences, then the master will offer you a lot of variable photos of how beautiful and fashionable it is to decorate your nails with shiny pebbles.

Rhinestones, monograms and red gloss finish

Of course, you can experiment and lay out complex voluminous compositions from stones, but usually stylists recommend using the most popular, and therefore favorite among clients, types of nail decoration – pyramid, shirt, jacket, double jacket, moon manicure, geometry, wave, luxury.

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Spectacular black jacket and rhinestones

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular and beautiful new nail design 2019 presented in the photo.

  1. contour line. The easiest way to decorate. Pebbles are laid out according to the intended contour (straight lines, smile, moon, rows, etc.).
  2. Shirt. Rhinestones are laid out along the midline of the nail, always leaving a gap between them.
  3. Net. One or more nails are completely covered with pebbles. Small voids between rhinestones are filled with small crystals. This novelty looks very advantageous on short nails.
  4. Honeycombs. Rhinestones are laid out in the form of a pyramid. The largest number of rhinestones is placed on the bottom row, and one less on each next row.
  5. Different sizes. With the help of stones of different diameters, you can lay out funny compositions. Stylish ideas can be borrowed from nail art magazines.
  6. Pearls and rhinestones. The design of rhinestones, which is decorated with a pearl, looks very elegant. It looks especially impressive in combination with silver pebbles on a white background.

Lunar manicure and snowflake rhinestones

Manicure in the form of inlay

Such a manicure is done on especially solemn occasions. At the same time, rhinestones imitating precious stones are used. Masters truly create real masterpieces that can only be admired. Volumetric compositions are decorated with gold inserts and semi-precious stones. This design with rhinestones looks most impressive on nails covered with gel polish. Photos of the most unusual compositions are presented below.

Spectacular evening manicure

[stextbox id=’info’]Usually one finger on both hands is decorated this way. In the new season, such masterpieces are made on the thumbs.[/stextbox]

3D rhinestones

For a stylish manicure of the 2019-2019 season, stylists recommend 3D rhinestones. Such a design, of course, is not new, but now ready-made decorations in the form of insects, dancers, ballerinas, and other three-dimensional compositions are used as a trend.

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[stextbox id=’info’]3D rhinestones are especially popular during the Christmas holidays. Nails can be decorated with decorations in the form of snowflakes, moose horns, stars, gingerbread.[/stextbox]


Wedding manicure

Perhaps one of the most justified cases when rhinestones are necessary in creating a magical image of the bride. The choice of a wedding manicure is approached no less responsibly than the choice of a dress or a wedding menu. The bride’s hands are in constant focus. They are photographed, kissed, admired. There are many who want to admire the wedding ring, which has just adorned the ring finger.

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The design of a wedding manicure with rhinestones 2019 is represented by both classic options and interesting creative novelties. The most beautiful examples of wedding manicure work are shown in the photo.

Design ideas with rhinestones on a matte finish

In 2019, more and more brides are choosing crystal rhinestones to create their wedding manicure. Their cost is much higher, but the effect exceeds all expectations. Crystal facets react to any refraction of light and create the effect of a magical overflow and brilliance with any movement of the hands.

[stextbox id=’info’]Crystal rhinestones are supplied to our country by the three most reputable brands: Swarovski (Austria), Preciosa (Czech Republic) and Asfour (Egypt).[/stextbox]

Classic wedding french

French continues to hold a leading position in the fashion trends of classic wedding manicure. It is important not to overdo it with the number and size of stones. Still, the hands of the bride are a symbol of purity and tenderness. A manicure in pastel colors and 1-2 pebbles can decorate your hands much more elegantly than complex compositions from a huge number of rhinestones.

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How to make a manicure with rhinestones yourself

What to do if there are no funds to visit the salon, but you really want to do a manicure with rhinestones?

We suggest you try it yourself.

  1. Soak your hands in warm soapy water for a few minutes.
  2. Gently push back or cut the cuticle.
  3. Apply a colorless coat under the main layer of manicure.
  4. Cover your nails with a base coat of polish.
  5. We fasten rhinestones. You can lay them on the main layer of varnish, while it is not yet dry. The second option is to fix the pebbles with a special glue. It is very convenient to do this with a wooden stick (toothpick) dipped in water.
  6. From above we cover the nail with a fixative.

Gentle manicure with rhinestones and glitter using ombre technique

No matter what they say about style and tenderness, diamonds are still the best friends of girls. And in the nail design – rhinestones. Despite great love…

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