Nail photo design

Every girl probably knows the feeling when you definitely want to add something original to your appearance. And then the thought of nails visits, with which you can endlessly fantasize without much risk.

Nails can be decorated with varnishes, sparkles, rhinestones, gels, gold threads, lace, foil, paints (nail art painting).

Let’s understand what photography is. This is the name of starch-based drawings applied to a transparent film. To increase the shelf life, the drawings are placed on waxed thick paper. Before you start, be sure to read the instructions for use.

Usually the sticker block has a brown tint, but when the film is peeled off, a transparent pattern is obtained. If you do a photo design without a backing, it will get inexpressive and pale.

You can attach a picture to a nail already painted with varnish, but on condition that nail care is regular.

Since the material is very fragile, no wet hands. He will not tolerate water.

Drawings are printed on special professional printers for nail art. Gives a guarantee of high quality even to the most intricate patterns, ensuring the same patterns on all nails.

Girls who value their time are increasingly choosing photo design, because in just a few seconds the photo printer performs an unusual finish for the nail plate.

Instructions for photo design of nails

  1. Before starting, be sure to prepare the nail plate. We perform edged manicure or unedged.
  2. Degreasing your nails is a must. Or apply foundation.
  3. We take a common block of pictures and cut out a picture that you like
  4. Carefully peel off the sticker from the backing paper. You should have a translucent film in your hands, which is what we need.
  5. Apply base coat of gel or first coat of single phase. Then dry under the lamp.
  6. We put the picture on the nail so that there are free gaps along the edges, where the film can be connected with transparent varnish or acrylic. Apply a second layer of acrylic + other design elements (optional – glitter, foil, etc.).
  7. If you want to place a picture on the entire nail, then for its clearer gluing, you need to make small, literally a couple of millimeters, cuts along the cuts, top and bottom. Thus, you can achieve a complete repetition of the contour of your nail.
  8. Final drying of the nail under a 36 Volt lamp, five minutes.

The topic of photo design is the most diverse. From unusual curls to stories with a specific theme. In addition to butterflies and flowers, which are already boring, Japanese hieroglyphs, cartoon characters, photographs of animals and nature, landscapes, photographs of clients and relatives, author’s works – photos and much more are actively used. The client himself can choose or order the set he needs. Many salons have a catalog of pictures, with a price list.

Benefits of using photo design

  1. Using images of photo design, they make the work of the master easier and better, save time for both the client and the master. Agree, this is not the latest customer struggle fact.
  2. The client himself chooses a photo or drawing. This, as a result, completely eliminates the claims of customers, in contrast to the moments when the master draws the drawing itself on the nail plate and the result differs from the original.
  3. Photo design is relatively higher quality than handmade craftswomen
  4. A person who does not have the skills of the classic nail art technique can easily make a photo design
  5. Photo design needs an extra drop of imagination to achieve the highest level of exclusivity.
  6. The range is huge! This attracts a huge number of new customers every day. Any woman or girl has a choice: ready-made designs or her own.
  7. The client can simply purchase the options he likes from the master in order to make them another time or at home on his own, or order from the catalog.
  8. The ability to create a custom design makes this new direction unique
  9. The design film is firmly glued to the tips or nail plate, and becomes completely invisible, except for the pattern itself, which has exceptional clarity.
  10. Volume modeling technology.

What is the best background for decals?

And is it worth it at all?

Absolutely any background can go under the picture: blue, purple, red, pink, golden, azure, silver – absolutely any. Although you can leave it transparent, which looks very disadvantageous. Of course, the sticker based on a snow-white background will be the brightest of all. You will see that the drawing on the nail and on paper look completely different. For example, red roses look very advantageous on a gold, silver, pink background. If the sticker already has its own background, then you will have to artistically and qualitatively process them for your own.

Drawings come in different stylistic directions: I advise you to choose something that is more suitable for you:

  • classical;
  • french (France);
  • lace;
  • mix;
  • “Gzhel” (bright painting).

I wish, with all my heart, to choose a photo that suits you and make a stunning photo design that will emphasize your individuality!

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