Nail piercing

We have been hearing a word that is not quite familiar to us for a long time. In fact, piercing appeared a very long time ago, 8-10 thousand years ago, back in ancient times, remember women with pierced lips and lots of earrings in their ears. It means that since that time people have been striving for beauty and adorn themselves in every possible way. But in those days, ancient people, when making piercings, probably did not think that today it would be one of the fashionable trends in jewelry for their beloved ones.

So what is a piercing (nail piercing) anyway? In simple terms, this is a piercing of the lip, ear, tongue, and recently it has become a fashionable trend to pierce nails as well. That’s what we’ll talk about.

The idea of ​​piercing a nail appeared a long time ago, but it has become popular in today’s time. For the first time, residents of Russia saw piercings on their nails, at fashion shows, on the catwalks, models clearly, in addition to clothes, demonstrated their magnificent nails with piercings and fashionistas immediately picked up this trend. After all, what appears on the shows means it is fashionable!

Nail piercing really complements a beautiful manicure on the nails and, accordingly, our image as a whole. In this case, fashionistas can show their imagination, experiment, and then your nails will deserve special attention.

Any of us will probably think how painful it is to pierce something, but indeed, if you pierce your lip or eyebrow, this is a rather painful and unpleasant procedure, which cannot be said about piercing a nail, it is absolutely painless. When piercing nails, it is not the nail itself that is pierced, but the nail plate, it is its free edge and the living tissues of the finger that are not affected. Piercing is better not to do on thin or exfoliating nails, you will harm your nails.

I would like to immediately give advice to all piercing lovers that it is better, of course, to carry out piercing in a beauty salon for several reasons, it is safe, professionals in this field will work with you. We ordinary people do not have enough experience and skills in piercing, and we can harm ourselves when pierced. Therefore, it is better not to chase after savings, because this is the health of our nails, think about it, because during the piercing procedure it is in the salon that we can get a safe and professionally performed nail piercing.

Basically, piercing is done on extended or false nails, some women, girls unknowingly pierce the natural nail plate, this in turn leads to damage to the nail and, as a result, to diseases of the nail plate. Usually the piercing is done on the ring fingers or little fingers, and preferably on the left hand, because. it is these fingers that are least involved in the work, and in addition, the risk that the decoration on the finger will catch on something or, in the worst case, the nail will break is reduced to zero.

How are nail piercings made?

First, the nail is strengthened, someone strengthens with gel, someone with acrylic. As soon as the hardening coating has dried, only after that they begin to pierce the nail, in salons this is not done with an ordinary needle, as many people think, but the puncture occurs with a pneumatic gun that looks like a small drill and has a small drill, so the hole is very small . When drilling, your hand is face down and the drill is pointing perpendicular to the nail. A puncture in the nail plate is made from the inside of the nail, and at the same time your hand should rest on something elastic, such as foam or soft rubber. Everything is ready, a small hole is made in your nail, now you need to choose a decoration of your taste and color and fix it.

In beauty salons, there are special devices for threading jewelry into nails, they are called piercing tweezers. The salon master threads the jewelry you have chosen, fixes it and that’s it, the piercing on the nail is ready!

How long can you walk with such a piercing, you ask? As the fingernail grows, the piercing will either need to be renewed or removed. On long nails, there is a big risk of breaking the pierced nail or tearing the jewelry out of the nail, this is painful. That is why it is recommended to do piercing on nails of medium length.

But while you have a piercing on your hands, you need to follow, say, safety rules. Jewelry must be removed when you sleep or do housework.

What are the types of piercing jewelry?

There are a lot of them, they are sold in the store, some fans of the original genre make piercing jewelry on their own.

The most popular decorations are rings, they can be single, double, meet with beads, with pebbles. Carnations are also used as decoration for piercing, but carnations are also found in various shapes: a ball, an asterisk, a flower, with a pebble, with rhinestones. In addition, all jewelry can be gold or silver, or maybe even made of simple metals, which also looks good on nails.

Piercing jewelry with truss locks is at the peak of stardom now, they are attractive because they are securely fixed on the nail and can be easily removed if necessary.

Wealthy ladies can afford jewelry in the form of a necklace, because. a small chain is fixed in the hole, and on the chain is a pendant with a stone. So, with all the variety of jewelry, there is a place for fashionistas to roam the fantasy of flying.

I would also like to point out the fact that if you are piercing your nails, try to match the jewelry on the nail in some way with other jewelry, such as a chain or earrings.

Dear piercing lovers or fashionistas who just want to try this new trend on themselves, in particular on nails, follow the simple rules of piercing, and you will always be on top, and admiringly catching glances at your perfect and beautiful pierced manicure!

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