Natalia Bardo spoke about birthday gifts, some of which surprised her

Natalya Bardo decided on her Instagram page to talk about what gifts she received for her birthday. There was no magnificent celebration this year, Natalya did not rent a restaurant or a villa due to quarantine.

But friends decided to give the girl flowers. She admits that her house was like a greenhouse. In addition to the usual branded perfumes and cosmetics, Natalya boasted unusual gifts that pleasantly surprised her: an astrological forecast, a certificate for a meeting with a numerologist and astrologers, and an Indian board game.

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Posted by Natalia Bardo (@bardonata)

The actress asks her subscribers if there are experts in astrology among them, and asks for help with advice on how to get a role from Tarantino with the help of a numerologist.

Fans vied with each other to admire the photo that Natalya posted in the post, wrote about her beauty, confessed their love. A sea of ​​love emoticons hit Bardo. As it turned out, among the commentators there are many astrology lovers who strongly recommended that Natalya resort to the help of a star specialist to obtain the coveted role.

“There are never too many flowers))),” Anna admires.

“Order and ask all specialists for the role of Tarantino!” Irina strongly recommends.

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