Natural hair styling and fixing products

In addition to cosmetics for styling and subsequent fixation of hair, there are old recipes based on natural products and medicinal plants. We bring to your attention some of them.

  1. One of the oldest means for fixing styling is flaxseed. A tablespoon of seeds is boiled for 30 minutes over low heat in 200 g of water. The broth is filtered and cooled. A small amount of decoction is moistened with hair, and then styled with a brush and hair dryer or wound on curlers.
  2. Styling made using beer is perfectly fixed. A small amount of beer moisturizes the hair, trying to evenly distribute it along the entire length. After that, the hair is styled with a brush and hair dryer or wound on curlers. Beer, as a fixing agent, not only helps to create a variety of hairstyles, but also promotes healthy hair.
  3. It is easy to prepare at home and hair styling gel. To do this, take one tablespoon of edible gelatin, pour it with a glass of cold water and leave for several hours. The solution is heated until the gelatin is completely dissolved in water, then cooled, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of vinegar are added. The resulting mixture is reheated, without bringing to a boil, until the components are completely dissolved. Cool, strain, leave to settle for a day. This gel is used in the same way as any commercially made hair gel.
  4. To make the curls elastic, you can prepare the following mixture: 5 g of borax, 1 g of gum arabic, 100 ml of water and a few drops of alcohol. All components are thoroughly mixed and the resulting mixture is immediately applied to the hair. Then they are wound on papillots and left overnight. Comb your hair thoroughly in the morning.
  5. For the same purpose, use a solution of 5 g of sugar, 10 g of alcohol and 100 ml of water. Sugar is dissolved in warm water, alcohol is added. This liquid (room temperature) is applied to the hair. Then they are wound on curlers and left for several hours.
  6. To prepare the gel, you can use gelatin and citric acid. 1 teaspoon of gelatin is heated in a glass of water, not boiling. After cooling, add citric acid at the tip of a knife. To make the gel have a pleasant aroma, you can add a drop of your favorite perfume.

The same gels can be prepared not on water, but on plant decoctions, which are dyes. Using these gels, you can give your hair different shades.

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