Natural skin care products

Every woman wants her face to be fresh and well-groomed. Unfortunately, not all cosmetics that are produced today are effective. In addition, not every woman can afford to spend a tidy sum on expensive cosmetics.

Nature gives us natural products for the care of delicate facial skin, and these products are much more effective than the most expensive cosmetics. Natural cosmetics are easy to prepare yourself, at home.

Almost any natural product can be used for natural cosmetics. Vegetables, fruits, cosmetic clay, herbal decoctions, honey, dairy products will give your face beauty, youth and well-groomed.

From natural products, it is easy to prepare face masks, scrubs, lotions and tonics to cleanse the skin. It will not take much time and you will not have to spend a lot of money, because all the useful products are at home.

For the preparation of natural lotions, cucumbers, parsley, cabbage, carrots, melon, zucchini, lettuce and potatoes are most often used. An important role is played by the freshness of products and the absence of harmful substances in them. Vegetable juice is applied to the skin, and for the preparation of masks in the form of puree, you can use flour, oatmeal, clay or starch for a certain density.

Dairy products are also famous for their calming effect. Milk is used for dry and sensitive skin, it perfectly softens and nourishes it.

Sour cream is an excellent base for many masks due to its high fat content. Therefore, it is added to products for anti-aging, whitening and drying masks, which are used for normal, dry and aging skin.

Daily rubbing of the face with slices of cucumber tones and rejuvenates the skin, and simple masks from ordinary kefir are a real salvation for oily skin.

To make your face skin smooth and delicate, use a ground coffee or oatmeal scrub, and green tea lotions will get rid of bags under your eyes.

Natural cosmetics nourish the skin, thanks to the beneficial substances and vitamins that they contain. They contribute to skin rejuvenation, as they remove dead cells from its surface. With the help of natural remedies, you can easily remove puffiness, narrow pores, remove excess fat, or vice versa, soften dry skin.

With the help of, for example, fruit masks, you can get rid of freckles or get rid of unwanted pigmentation of the skin of the face.

Unforeseen allergic reactions to natural products should be considered. Therefore, before using any natural remedy, perform a sensitivity test – apply a little of the finished product to the skin, leave for a few minutes, then remove and wait another 10 minutes. If there is no redness left on the skin, you can safely use this product for cosmetic purposes.

Do not forget about water – it is the most important means for preserving beauty. We are not talking about tap water, because it has a high level of chlorine and pollution. Every day, wash your face with boiled water, to which a decoction of chamomile is added. Better yet, freeze a decoction of medicinal herbs and wipe your face with ice cubes – in just a few weeks you will not recognize yourself, your skin will shine with health, black dots will disappear, and your face will look younger.

Taking a daily contrast shower will increase blood circulation, so your skin will become toned and wrinkles will smooth out.

Use natural skin care products more often, and your body will be for it.

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