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We have prepared for you the most current photo selection of fashion trends in blue manicure in 2019. Sit back and get ready for the aesthetic pleasure of viewing the latest nail art with exquisite shades of blue at the head. It will be beautiful, interesting and inspiring!


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The length and shape of the nails

The advantage of indigo shades is that they look perfect on nails of any length and shape. Nail art masters give only a few recommendations for a flawless result:

  • the short length of the nails goes well with the square shape;
  • medium and long nails of almond-shaped and oval shape look flawless with blue polish;
  • extended nails are an occasion to make a fashionable “ballerina” shape.

Blue polish looks equally good on both long and short nails.

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The best combinations

The blue color is beautiful in splendid isolation, but sometimes fashionistas still want variety and color accents in such nail art. The choice of a neighboring shade must be approached very seriously, because not every color will match the royal tones of indigo.

  • The combination with silver will be the basis of a stylish and memorable manicure. This is always a win-win option for holiday nail art.
  • The luxury of gold will always match the important status of blue. Based on this combination, it is very easy to create stunning designs in a variety of styles.
  • A contrasting and stylish neighborhood will turn out if you combine blue and beige in one manicure.

  • Noble red will be a worthy pair of exquisite indigo. This combination can be used in a variety of nail art techniques: French, color block, stamping, geometry, etc.
  • White color will give the blue manicure freshness and coquetry. It looks easy and relaxed, so fashionistas simply love to use this union in summer nail art with marine motifs.
  • The combination with black looks concise and at the same time very stylish.

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Monochromatic coating

Fashion trends for blue manicure in 2019 call for a simple and concise design. However, this does not mean at all that it is doomed to boredom and banality.

Even a monochromatic finish can be made interesting by experimenting with textures. The best options this season are the cat’s eye, matte top, mirror surface, rubbing and top with a shimmer.

Blue combined with matte manicure and cat’s eye technique

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Note! Do not be afraid that the decor and various manicure techniques will make the blue coating fanciful and catchy. If you stick to the course of minimalism and conciseness, then a discreet and stylish nail art is provided to you.


Solid color design with rubbing

Striped design

Such nail art simply has no right to look boring, because royal blue is at its head. You can take this beautiful sheer stripe design and create the trendy negative space technique. Combinations with other contrasting colors are possible. For example, a tandem with white looks fresh and stylish.

Repeating a manicure with stripes is not difficult even at home. To do this, just cover your nails with a base blue varnish and let it dry. Then stick thin strips of adhesive tape in such a way that the empty areas are then painted over with the selected contrasting varnish. When you remove the tape, even stripes will show off in the nail art.


The classic of elegant nail art is French. A trendy and original version will include deep indigo tones.

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You can use the traditional formula for a beautiful manicure – create a blue base and draw a white smile.


Original blue jacket design

The most daring fashionistas can go further and diversify the color palette of French design. For example, it will look great with precious metals, black or red colors. Various decor is also welcome – kamifubuki, rhinestones, glitter, rubbing, matte top.

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Lace on nails

Any manicure instantly turns into feminine and romantic, one has only to add lace motifs to it. Such nail art will be a universal addition to a luxurious dress.

Lace design can be realized with a thin brush, stencils, stickers, stamps. But the most creative option will turn out if you imitate lace motifs in the form of a mesh of diamond-shaped rhinestones.


A great transition from one color to another can be obtained using only the blue range, or by connecting a contrasting shade to the design. In this case, you need to create a manicure not with a brush, but with a sponge.

If you prefer a gradient in the blue color palette, we advise you to combine azure and deep indigo or sky blue, electric blue and navy blue.

winter gradient

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style geometry

Geometric motifs, which are now at the peak of popularity in the world of nail trends, will help add variety and style to a blue manicure. Draw on your nails whatever your heart desires – stripes, lines, concise figures, polka dots. It is best to use a glossy or contrasting varnish for this purpose.

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Design with a geometric pattern will certainly appeal to all lovers of minimalism, because it looks concise and elegant.


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sparkling confetti

A great idea for a brilliant look would be to use kamifibuki in design. With shades of indigo, this decor looks especially festive and enchanting. You can also use a special varnish with a confetti effect.

Matte top

Blue color and matte finish are the perfect pair for creating the most spectacular and bewitching manicure.

The most beautiful design is obtained using rich and juicy shades of indigo. The velvet top makes it more restrained and modest, but at the same time does not detract from the luxury of blue tones.

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Trends 2019-2019 offer fashionistas to dilute matte manicure with various decors. Feel free to use stylish accents in the form of modeling, rhinestones or shiny stripes.



Fashionistas usually choose manicure with rhinestones for an evening out, because such a design is rightfully considered the most luxurious.

Brilliant decor is appropriate in a jacket, ombre, moon manicure, a combination of a matte and glossy top. The design will become a real work of manicure art if you lay out a whole pattern or pattern from rhinestones of various sizes.

As an alternative to rhinestones, nail art gurus often use silver lacquer. Applied in the form of dots, it elegantly imitates shiny stones and…

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