New elegant manicure 2020

Today, our focus is on elegant manicure, popular in the 2020 season. If you are tired of cluttered rhinestones and flashy colors and want to choose a design worthy of a modern lady, you have come to the right place!



Monochromatic manicure is a real magic wand in the life of any active girl. It is perfect for short nails, does not require much time and will look perfect. An elegant manicure can be done in red, burgundy, emerald, brown or black. A matte top in combination with the above shades will look luxurious.

Elegance does not occupy the nude coating, which fits well even in the most strict dress code. The key condition for such a design is the well-groomed condition of the nails and skin of the hands.

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If you want to dilute a monophonic manicure with a trendy decor, take on board the relevance of the foil, because this is a real hit of the 2020 season! Such decoration will make the nail design more textural, original and expressive.

[stextbox id=’info’]The foil in gold or silver will look the most restrained and aesthetically pleasing.[/stextbox]

gradient effect

Gradient design won the hearts of fashionistas a few years ago, and since then it has not slowed down its popularity. Such a manicure looks especially successful on almond-shaped, oval or square nails. Moreover, their length does not matter.

The secret of the success of such a design is the selection of a harmonious combination of two or more shades. In the 2020 season, it is fashionable to complement the gradient effect with a brilliant coating – this technique will add sophistication and relevance to the manicure. You can also bet on the design of the hole in combination with a gradient effect, creating a mega-popular manicure of the 2020 season.

gray palette

An elegant manicure in gray, relevant in the 2020 season, is perfect for short nails. This color is distinguished by its special nobility and elegance. In addition, the gray color is adaptable to absolutely any design. This means that the “green light” lights up for experiments.


The undoubted trend of the 2020 season is geometric design. If you want this style not to be devoid of elegance, decorate your nails with neat figures in a limited amount and in calm, restrained shades. This approach will make fashionable manicure refined and harmonious.


With the right approach, delicate and lace ornaments will look organic in elegant nail art. Masters love to use such elegant elements as accents on only a few nails. You can take note of their win-win formula – a white pattern on a pink, coffee or gray finish.

Matte top

The true embodiment of elegance in manicure is a matte finish. This effect can cover all nails or serve as a stylish accent. The play of contrasts based on a matte top in combination with a glossy finish, shimmer, rhinestones or foil looks especially expressive.

nude manicure

Delicate and feminine design in a nude palette is the most practical and versatile solution. For its implementation, the whole variety of beige, light pink, powdery, milky and peach scales is used.

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single color finish. The neutral color of the varnish can make great friends with minimalist or floral patterns, foil inserts or miniature rhinestones.

To make this design successful, you should take into account the harmonious combination of varnish color and skin tone. So, with a light tone, shades of rose gold, vanilla, pearl, beige and muted coral will look most elegant. Swarthy hands will be decorated with a manicure in white, coffee, lilac or a shade of “warm gold”.


Business ladies most often choose a jacket as a manicure for all occasions. In the 2020 season, experiments with the design of a French design smile are acceptable – it can be triangular, beveled, double or colored.

A great idea would be to abandon the classic palette of French design. This universal manicure obediently withstands almost any manifestation of creativity in the selection of colors.

You will only win if you prefer a combination of a jacket with elegant patterns. Delicate flowers are the most favorite motif among fashionistas.


The fashion trends of the 2020 season suggest that the theme of floristry can take an active part in the design of an elegant manicure. Now less and less masters embody such accents in the technique of hand painting, because easy-to-use sliders come to the fore. These sticker assistants can create an aesthetic and sophisticated design in minutes.

If your choice is a twig design, you can add some sparkle to it by adding some glitter inside the leaves.

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If we talk about the fashionable decor of the 2020 season, then the title of favorite will belong to the rub. This is a special powder that creates a delicate shine on the nails. As practice shows, rubbing is most advantageously combined with a light coating.


An elegant manicure does not hurt a little shine, especially if it is used in accordance with current trends. Modern ladies love the gossamer design, which looks great paired with sparkling accents. You can also use brilliant decor in laconic abstract or geometric compositions – it will turn out very stylish.


An elegant manicure for a square, almond-shaped or oval shape can be diversified with the help of trendy patterns. So, among the leading trends of the 2020 season are abstract portraits. They look concise and restrained, and at the same time give the design a unique zest. Such a manicure will give you a creative nature with impeccable taste.

This season, minimalist inscriptions are also popular, which give individuality to nail art. Black words on a nude basis promise to look most expressive.

Among the trends are also a stylish combination of inscriptions with the effect of “quail egg” or with a pattern in the “spider web” technique.


If you want to create a sophisticated and elegant design that will turn you into a queen, you can resort to rhinestones. It is only important not to get carried away by their number, remembering that total inlay is no longer in trend. But laconic and chic accents of rhinestones will look fresh and relevant.

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Perhaps some girls do not expect to see predatory prints in the concept of an elegant manicure. But such motives can be expressed so stylishly and restrainedly that the finished result deserves true admiration and compliments.


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