New fashion trends spring-summer 2019: photos, news

The weather has finally begun to please, and now it’s definitely time to think – what are the new trends in spring-summer 2019 fashion? Given what we saw at the spring fashion show, we can summarize that don’t expect big shocks.: the already familiar minimalism, the usual nostalgia for the fashion of the 80s, comes to the fore. Of the new products, perhaps, the growing love for the brilliant and bohemian can be noted.



Considered in bad taste until the mid-1990s, sequins still managed to move from the stages of fashion shows to the everyday wardrobe of urban fashionistas. Moreover, now no one will say that sequins are bad manners; on the contrary, it is the most fashionable trend.

Sequins in images

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You can put them on completely – then you get a bright evening look that attracts the eye, or you can partially – let them become an interesting decoration for a dress or jacket in a free cut.



Fringe began to move to the mass market last season. In this, she consolidates her position, extending her influence not only to street fashion, but also to cocktail dresses and office skirts. The more visible and longer the fringe, the better.

Fringe in clothes

When choosing such clothes, it is worth remembering that the fringe of any thing adds bohemian chic. This can also be played up by adding, for example, some feathers to an evening look – you will get a beautiful bow from the American 20s. The main thing to remember is that such an outfit will not be appropriate for all events.

Fringe in clothes

Pop Art

Remember Andy Warhol’s pop art paintings? It is worth reviewing them again to recharge your batteries: after all, pop art is becoming a new trend in spring-summer 2019 fashion in Russia. Unexpected color combinations, funny and bold prints, bright makeup – all this is now legalized and considered hyperfashionable.

Pop art fashion

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Thanks to the fact that pop art is firmly entering our fashion life this season, you can not be afraid to be bold. Choose a coat that depicts the characters of world famous cartoons, or sweaters that have the name of the designer written in large letters – and you will find yourself at the height of fashion.

Pop art fashion

pastel shades

This season, of course, will not do without airy tenderness:

  • Pale blue
  • Light yellow,
  • Barely perceptible pink.

All of these colors will compete with bright and acidic shades for the title of favorite. Of course, pastel is most suitable for “flying” fabrics: it can be flowy dress or a skirt, a feminine silk cape or light summer trousers.

Pastel shades in clothes

[stextbox id=’info’] However, to completely abandon the brightness, of course, will not work. It is simply necessary to combine catchy elements with pastel colors: it can be shoes, a scarf, a bag or massive jewelry with metallic reflections. [/stextbox]

“Animal” print

Remember how recently everyone condemned leopard coloring? Such prejudices should long be a thing of the past. In addition, this year the largest fashion houses once again released collections in which animal print, including leopard print, is almost the leader among the rest.

Animal print

[stextbox id=’warning’] A zebra-colored coat or a spotted suit is what you need to stand out in the crowd this season. [/stextbox]


By carefully studying Elle, you can see that the new trends in the fashion of spring and summer 2019 manage to combine almost incompatible styles. For example, minimalism with the invariable principle “the simpler the better” is located very close to pop art, designed to bring chaos and an abundance of flowers and jewelry into any look.


However, the minimalism of the early nineties is not going to give way. A little black dress with a minimum of stylish jewelry, a plain suit, a strict style of dress – for example, a white shirt with black trousers or a skirt … All this has long been familiar to us, but should not be forgotten this season.


Eclectic, first of all, should be prints. Let the stripe be adjacent to peas or a cage, and let the floral print be located immediately next to the leopard print. We also remember the main trend of the season – models with comics.

Fashion eclecticism

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Like minimalism, eclecticism can be described by a single principle – “the weirder the better.” However, do not be surprised if colleagues at work do not appreciate your image compiled according to the latest trends – in Russia, the features of fashion shows are very difficult to become part of everyday life.

Fashion eclecticism


Even in the last century, women fighting for equality dressed in trousers and men’s suits. It would seem that this could be new? However, designers continue to create models with a masculine cut, and this, although not quite a new trend in spring summer 2019 fashion, is clearly visible in videos from fashion shows.

Models with a masculine cut

flying dresses

Last season, knitwear dresses (and any knitwear in general) were at the peak of popularity. In spring and summer, everything will change: airy dresses with a free cut, fluttering in the wind, will return to fashion.

Loose fit dresses

With the choice of such a dress, you should be careful: try to choose a model that does not resemble a nightgown and does not visually make your figure completely shapeless. You can add “heavy” accessories to the image that contrast with the dress – for example, leather jacketshoes on a massive platform or a large metal necklace around the neck.


[stextbox id=’info’] And, of course, do not forget about the nostalgia for the eighties. In no season can you hide from retro models, and this is confirmed by numerous photos from fashion shows on the Internet. [/stextbox]

80s fashion in clothes

High-waisted trousers, scarves woven into hairstyles, polka-dot coloring – it is not necessary to completely dress in the image of Sophia Loren. It is enough to include only one playful retro detail in your everyday style, and it will surely be appreciated by other fashionistas who understand fashion trends.

So, the new spring and summer 2019 fashion trends do not shock us – and this is, perhaps, still a good thing. Fashion shows this season seem to be designed to easily transfer their elements into everyday life. Do not be afraid to experiment, but remember that any outfit must match the event and your status, and then any fashion decisions will be successful and harmonious.


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