New in the fashion world for summer 2020

For modern fashionistas, it is time to track the latest fashion trends for the summer of 2020. Therefore, in the material below, we will look at trends related to clothing, shoes, accessories, hairstyles, and even manicure. We will explore stylish colors and help you choose the right wardrobe items.

Clothes – your unique style

At world fashion shows, a colorful kaleidoscope of models, colors, fabrics, textures and decorative elements was noted. But we have identified several important and interesting trends in our opinion. These include:

  • Asymmetrical skirt. Such an interesting detail allows you to create some madness of the image. Moreover, the asymmetry of the skirt puts an interesting emphasis on the hips or legs. When choosing an asymmetric skirt in your wardrobe, consider its length, colors, and the presence of decorative elements. Remember that large patch pockets will always add a couple of centimeters to the hips. A houndstooth print or a diagonal stripe is invariably slimmer. The same effect is created by all shades of the cold range. If you want to add some shapes on the contrary, use a cage or warm shades of colors.

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  • Long Bermuda shorts. Such a wardrobe item can be sewn from silk, cotton, linen, trouser or suit fabric. Long shorts below the knee are allowed to be worn in the office, on city walks, romantic dates. Loose long shorts in trendy summer 2020 create an interesting look. They are beautifully combined with ballet flats, pumps, sandals with heels. An interesting look with the use of such shorts can be created if you combine them with a free-cut jacket, with a printed T-shirt, with a stylish blouse.

  • Shorts with high waist and wide fit – another novelty and fashion trend of summer 2020. Such a wardrobe item allows you to demonstrate your ideal legs to others. Moderately cropped shorts are even allowed to be worn to the office, if it does not have a strict dress-code. Loose high-waisted shorts are always paired with the top that tucks into them. The maximum that can be allowed from above is a jacket with a free cut and always wide open. Otherwise, you will lose the effect of the wasp waist, which is emphasized by the high fit of the shorts.

  • Net. Everything is in fashion – from a mesh T-shirt to a mesh long dress. Of course, it is worth keeping up appearances and throwing such things over other, more closed clothes. As a rule, mesh wardrobe items are a piquant addition to the image, a kind of unusual accessory. Such clothes clearly hint at frankness and sexuality in the bow. Looks great mesh on body clothes under the bottom. The result is the effect of a naked body.

  • Chiffon midi length dresses. And if they are also decorated with ruffles, frills and frills, then this is the perfect squeak of the summer season. A midi-length chiffon dress is a tribute to femininity, fragility, defenselessness. In it you will be like a gentle cloud in the cycle of city bustle. Wear chiffon dresses with graceful sandals with and without heels, with ballet flats, with pumps.


fashion footwear

As for fashionable shoes, designers suggest wearing the following options during the hot season:

  • mules with a closed toe on a low heel or without it at all;

  • sandals with a column-heel with a fastener around the ankle;

  • ballet shoes with polymer transparent inserts;

  • pumps, which are timeless classics;

  • slates of all kinds and forms, including the platform;

  • sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins;

  • clogs, the front of which looks like sneakers.

Of the decorative elements in shoes, chains, laces, numerous leather straps, and bows are considered stylish.

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fashionable accessories

As for stylish accessories, the fashion trends of summer 2020 dictate the following rules:

  • Wear a belt in a sporty style, it will become your godsend in street style. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of using a chain belt or a belt in the form of a thick rope. Both options will beautifully emphasize the waistline in a romantic look.

  • Use hats in the image. Caps with a wide visor, baseball caps, hats with the widest possible brim covering most of the face are considered fashionable. Please note that a wide-brimmed hat can be worn with almost any look.

  • Combine the non-combinable. If earlier it was considered stylish to combine shoes and a bag with each other, at least in shade, today bold experiments are considered fashionable. The image will be all the more interesting, the bolder the combination of shoes and bag will be. It is allowed to combine both contrasting shades and different styles.

  • Wear a watch. The more bizarre and unusual their shape and design, the more interesting.

  • Use layering in jewelry and jewelry. Several chains of different lengths and even shades look stylish on the neck. The same technique can be used for bracelets and rings on the hand. If you are embarrassed by the combination of white and yellow metal, wear one piece of jewelry made of combined alloys. Let it serve as a kind of adapter from one shade of metal to another in your jewelry set.

Fashion haircuts

Remember that without a properly selected and well-groomed haircut, the image will not be complete. So it’s time to take care of your hair. For long hair and medium length hair, a light curl and a curl with a careless effect remain in the trend. Such a wave on the hair creates a romantic flair.

If you wear short hair, then bob, page, garcon and pixie haircuts are considered stylish. Oddly enough, but with short hair, you can also play with styling. Use a light mousse, gel, matting paste or texturizing wax for this. Styling products allow you to change the image at least every day.

As for the shade of hair, all the natural colors of blond are in fashion – from light cold and ashy to golden wheaten.

If you are the owner of dark hair, then chestnut, dark blond, golden and copper shades remain fashionable.

It is fashionable to use staining techniques such as obmre, sombre, shatush or balayage. Each of the techniques involves combining several shades on the hair within the same color or using contrasting shades. As a rule, all four techniques apply the principle of color dispersion or a smooth transition from one shade to another. An example is the effect of sun-bleached hair.

Fashion manicure

Do not forget about the hands when creating a fashionable image. Well-groomed hands always betray a true woman.

Fashionable for the summer of 2020 are such novelties of nail design:

  • gradient using bright dynamic shades;
  • soft bed tones and french manicure;
  • nail design using rhinestones;
  • butterflies on nails;
  • moon manicure;
  • floral decoration.

In general, for summer manicure it is customary to use more juicy and bright shades, …

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