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Clothing in the New Look style continues to win shows, almost all photos of fashion brands feature this trend. If you are not yet familiar with the flow, it’s time to add something new to your wardrobe.


Dresses and skirts

New bow dresses should be of the following types:

  • Tulip. The dress is so named because of its external resemblance to a tulip – the hips have several voluminous folds, pockets, and the skirt narrows towards the bottom. The waistline is usually high, very narrow. At the base of the skirt there is often a peplum, which makes the hips wider – thanks to this, the image becomes more feminine.

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  • Trapeze. The image invented by Yves Saint Laurent is popular again. Most often, such models are girdled: then the waist stands out, a bright, interesting accent appears. The peculiarity of this dress is that the undercuts are present in the area of ​​the chest, back, waist. It turns out that the dress sits perfectly on the shoulders, fits the figure, and then expands in the shape of a trapezoid.

  • Dresses, skirts with bow folds. This is a very lush, voluminous option that will suit both full and thin girls. In the waist area, the fabric is folded in a special way, it turns out that at a distance of 3-5 cm from each other there are warehouses resembling bows. In evening dresses, crinoline or tight mesh are added for greater splendor.

  • Pack. It seems to many that a tutu skirt should be very large, heavy. But this is not so: choose options from a thin, light mesh, then the image becomes airy, light. You can combine everyday T-shirts or blouses with a pack, then you get a moderately formal, stylish bow.

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Ideally, skirts should end one palm below the knee. Especially such dresses in the style of a new bow, according to photos from fashion houses, are suitable for obese women. To many, this option will seem conservative, very closed. This is not at all the case, as modern designers compensate for the modest bottom with an open top. In many models, the shoulders open, a deep neckline is made.

The shape of the skirt can be different: from flared to classic straight. The flared version with folds looks magnificent, looks like a princess skirt, suitable for evening outings. A straight skirt is casual, but no less elegant. It can be combined with classic blouses, oversized jumpers.

To wear clothes in the New Look style, it is worth having a cropped top in your wardrobe, as the waist line is often too high, blouses, knitted turtlenecks. Plain skirts can be girded with a stylish belt, focusing on it.

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Attention! New look style is a great option for a modern woman who wants to emphasize her romance, sophistication and grace.


New bow suit

Pants or trousers are not considered in this direction, as the emphasis is on femininity. A suit in this case is called a skirt and a jacket made of the same fabric. Such an outfit can be worn, as well as for a business meeting, and for parties. Consider the most popular trends.

  • Two-piece suit: crop top and tulip skirt. This option is very organic, holistic and balanced: the shoulders open from above, the waist is slightly visible. The skirt is widened at the hips, tapering slightly at the bottom. In cold weather, you can put on a jacket of the same color on top.

  • The classic version: a jacket and a pencil skirt from the same fabric. This option is suitable for office work, especially if you wear a white shirt under it. To make the image brighter, complete it with an unusual accessory – a neon bag, transparent shoes or a neckerchief.

  • The combination of different textures and materials becomes interesting. For example, a thin puffy mesh skirt can be combined with a bright fur coat, a light linen shirt tied at the waist, or a stone-encrusted bolero. This option is suitable for girls who are not afraid to experiment.

New bow shoes

Christian Dior was sure that shoes in this style should not attract attention. The most popular and still recognizable shoes are black mid-heeled pumps.
Today, fashion has changed dramatically: shoes have become a bright, indispensable accent. One thing has remained unchanged: the shoes are still feminine, delicate and romantic. New bow style shoes can be recognized by the following characteristic features:

  • low or medium heel;

  • open toe or heel possible;

  • the upper part is not decorated, often remains monophonic;

  • colors are dominated by nude, classic, suitable for everything. Bright shades are rare, geometric patterns or prints are acceptable.

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Note! It is better to wear shoes with high heels so that the image remains elongated, slender.


New look accessories and make-up

To go to a party or a meeting in this style, it is worth remembering a few basic rules.

  • Hair must be pulled up. The ideal option would be a high or medium beam. It is easy to make with the help of a special bagel, to add hairpins with flowers or an interesting scarf.

  • Make-up should be simple, with a minimum of bright colors. It is better to apply natural shades: beige, peach, dusty pink, so that the face looks fresh and natural. Therefore, it is more correct to use light tonal foundations, and focus on the eyes and eyebrows. Use cream shadows, mascara or eyeliner for this. On the lips, it is best to apply a pencil of a natural shade or a transparent gloss.

In this style, you can choose a lot of accessories, the main thing is that they look harmonious. So, for example, you can pick up an unusual bag – a small clutch or an elegant barrel bag. They should be made of leather, suede, nubuck, decorated with sequins, rivets or stripes.

Also, as a decoration, you can choose a neckerchief made of silk. It should be tied on the handle of the bag, tied around the wrist, neck or made part of the hairstyle.

Wide-brimmed hats are another trend of 2019. It is better to choose them in nude, neutral shades, so that you can combine them with any clothes. Any skirt or dress in the new bow style can be complemented with a belt. If the image turns out to be monophonic, there is no bright accent, then add a wide leather belt to the waist. It will visually divide the figure in half, add zest. For a total bow, you can pick up long gloves, stockings, in which the seam is at the back, light weightless shawls, voluminous bows around the waist.

From accessories, choose earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets with semi-precious stones, pearl beads. In hot weather, also wear sunglasses with pointed corners – this shape is called “chanterelles”. It is important that the accessories are in harmony with the outfit, differ in color from it by a tone or two, but no more.

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