New method of 4D implantation

At the moment, dental clinics offer such an abundance of services for the restoration of lost teeth and the restoration of the physiological and external functions of the jaw that customers are lost in choice. Restoration of jaw integrity occurs using various techniques and in one or more stages.

Dental science has stepped far forward and offers its customers many methods of restoring teeth. One of these methods is 3D and 4D dental implantation. The 3D technique is a simulation of future implantation using a three-dimensional image.

To do this, you just need to take a picture of the oral cavity and send it to the computer. A special program will process the resulting image and model the best implantation option itself. 4D implantation is a restoration technique that is real even with bone deficiencies.

This type of implantation is carried out using BOI implants. In this process of dental implantation, the gum is incised inside. An implant, which is a pin, is implanted into this incision, then the gum is sutured and temporary crowns are placed. After two or three days, permanent crowns are installed in place of temporary crowns.

Due to the special design of the implants, this type of restoration does not imply the restoration of bone tissue before surgery. Dental crowns are installed in a short time, no need to wait several weeks. All surgical procedures are required only when placing the implant, in addition, this type of implantation can be performed immediately after the usual neutralization of the diseased incisor. The 4D implantation method can be carried out in conjunction with the 3D method.

Xive implants are widely used. They are used in many types of restoration of lost teeth. Typically, a screw that is inserted into the bone tissue consists of titanium, which allows it to quickly and without problems take root in the human body. Xive-implants also consist of titanium, but have a porous structure, which brings them as close as possible to natural bone tissue. This suggests that these types of implants take root faster in the bone and the rehabilitation period is faster. In addition, this type of implant lasts longer.

The production of titanium implants with a porous structure is carried out by a company called Dentsply Friadent. This type of implant is considered one of the best today.

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