New Year in lingerie style: 4 looks for the meeting of 2021

Linen style remains in trend for several seasons. Flirty lingerie look outfits have appeared in the collections of many eminent designers, and fashionistas have already managed to appreciate the elegance and convenience of such things. Is it any wonder that these particular outfits were in the TOP recommended for the New Year’s Eve.

Slip dress

The combination dress or, as it is also called, the slip dress turned out to be beyond any competition. A distinctive feature of this model is a laconic cut and thin straps.

For the first time, Princess Diana decided to bring a revolutionary dress from Dior to light. However, even the similarity of the dress with the combination did not prevent Diana from looking luxurious. On the contrary, the slip dress emphasized the elegance and femininity of the style icon. It is this exciting and luxurious outfit that should be for the most important night of the year.

The advantage of a slip dress is that it perfectly hides the imperfections of the figure. With it, you can hide a small tummy or insufficiently slender legs.

To make the dress look more elegant, you should choose models from such fabrics:

  • velvet;
  • silk;
  • atlas;
  • viscose.

Products with guipure inserts look spectacular.

As for the color palette, the undoubted trend is beige and powdery shades. This slip dress allows you to create a gentle romantic look.

For more expressive bows, you should choose a dress in deep blue, burgundy or jade.

Top with trousers

Only a top made in a linen style can squeeze out a combination dress. This product is perfect for both everyday looks and for creating an evening dress.

The main thing to remember when choosing a top is that the model should be made of satin, silk or velvet. You can add some glitter and try on a top embroidered with sequins or silver threads.

Trousers will be the perfect companion for such a top. They can be classic length or slightly shortened. Complement the look with elegant heels and a stylish clutch.

Tulle skirt and top

Speaking of fashionable New Year’s looks in lingerie style, one cannot ignore the look based on a tulle skirt. Delicate and almost weightless in appearance, these products resemble women’s petticoats, which in the old days were worn under a dress.

Following fashion trends, stylists advise choosing a model in a delicate color. These can be shades:

  • lactic;
  • ivory;
  • sunlight;
  • faded denim;
  • mint.

It is worth considering that a tulle skirt is an original product that involuntarily attracts glances, so it should be the soloist in an outfit. A laconic top or a light blouse can complement the effect.

pajama suit

For those who prefer non-trivial solutions, fashion designers have found an alternative to the New Year’s dress. They became a pantsuit in pajama style.

When creating such outfits, the style of men’s pajamas is taken as the basis. The result is straight, loose-fitting trousers and a laconic shirt-style jacket. Elegant options are sewn from velvet and satin.

To emphasize femininity and elegance, it is better to combine a pajama suit with stilettos.

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