New Year’s almond-shaped manicure 2023

The closer the New Year, the more intense the preparation for it. Fashionistas have very little time left to choose the right dress, hairstyle, manicure, accessories for a festive look. And if you’re still looking, check out the reviews from our editorial staff, they will help you put together a trendy look for the biggest night of the year. As for today’s selection, it will be useful for owners of almond-shaped marigolds. So, what kind of New Year’s manicure on almonds can be done for the meeting of 2023. Share your original design ideas.



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What cover color to choose

There are certain festive shades that are customary to use on New Year’s and Christmas. Their main task is to cheer us up, create a sense of celebration, and help us tune in a positive way. Let’s find out which colors will look best on almond-shaped nails on New Year’s Eve 2022-2023.

  • Black. Suddenly? Not really! Black is a very elegant color that perfectly complements formal evening looks. Although, of course, a monochrome black coating is too gloomy. We recommend adding some silver to the design so that the manicure plays in a completely new way.


  • light gray. A calm shade that can be chosen to “maintain” the look, made in white or silver. At the same time, light gray is not suitable for a noisy and bright party in a nightclub, but it will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a cozy home holiday.


  • Red. The almond shape of the nails seems to be made for a red coating. Manicure is very effective and catchy. But, in order not to frighten away the timid symbol of the year – the Rabbit, it is better to choose noble shades of red for design. But scarlet should be removed for other cases.

  • Cream. The universal pastel palette is also quite suitable for New Year’s Eve 2022-2023, it is enough to complement it with a festive design. Among the fashionable pastel shades, cream stands out, and we recommend paying special attention to it on a festive night.

  • Cool blue and light blue. Since the upcoming 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit, do not be surprised at the popularity of blue and blue shades, because they are as close as possible to the color of the water. Get a blue or light blue manicure and may it bring you good luck.

  • Gold. New Year’s manicure-2023 for long nails in the form of almonds will look especially stylish if you add gold to the design. It can be gold rhinestones, sparkles, foil, self-adhesive strips, potal. Do not choose gold as the main coating. Use it in design.


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White, milky, burgundy, dark green – these colors are still New Year’s classics, so feel free to resort to them.

Design ideas for an almond-shaped manicure for the New Year

For a successful manicure, not only color is important, but also design. To make your holiday look more interesting, decorate your nails in one of the ways that we list below.

  • multi-colored marigolds. This is a popular trend in the nail art segment, which implies that each nail is covered with its own color, different from the neighboring one. Choose the right shades that will resonate with the palette of your image, and apply them in the order you want. For design, you can use both a traditional coating and multi-colored glitters.

  • Sequins. New Year’s nail art with sparkles is a classic that is always relevant. Glitter will help out if, for example, you have no ideas at all on how to decorate a manicure. You can completely cover the nails with glitter, or partially, highlighting the free edge of the nail, as in a French design. A manicure with large sparkles will look especially beautiful. Take note of this option.


  • With snowflakes. Another universal design that will suit absolutely all fashionistas. It can be a great alternative to nail art with drawings. Lay out “cold” snowflakes from rhinestones, paint them with white gel polish or silver sparkles, or use special stickers. New Year’s nail design-2023 on the shape of almonds with snowflakes is beautiful.

  • Knitted design. If you want to see something more cozy than deliberately festive on your nails, then pay attention to the winter knitted design that has long become traditional. It looks very organic on any form of nails, including almond-shaped ones. Imitation of knitting can be recreated on each nail or on one or two. Choose soft, pastel shades.


  • Matte. Beautiful matte nail art is relevant at any time. Including for the New Year 2023. “Velvety” nails will add elegance to the image and will look great even with the most luxurious evening dress. And be sure to include rhinestones, pixie crystals or gold decor in the design to make the manicure really solemn and luxurious. The symbol of the year will appreciate it.

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What other design is fashionable to come up with for New Year’s Eve? For example, broken glass. Holographic foil will shimmer and sparkle in the light of festive lights very beautifully.

Manicure for the New Year 2023 on the shape of almonds can be different depending on your desires and features of the image. Show your imagination when creating a design.

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