New Year’s image that the Rat will like

Right at this moment, hundreds of girls are riding the subway, sitting in cafes or walking thoughtfully through the streets. Mentally sort out styles and calculate expenses, choosing a New Year’s outfit is not an easy task. Still it is necessary to please the mistress of the next year, the Rat! The rational approach inherent in this animal will save: divide the task into its component parts, it is easier to figure it out. The individual elements will form the perfect New Year’s image, which the Rat will definitely like.

Restraint of style

The Rat loves tradition and order. Therefore, provocative outfits and bold necklines will not appeal to her. The abundance of details, flounces, ruffles – all this is for the more reckless representatives of the Chinese horoscope. The rat will appreciate classic, even strict looks: dresses of a free straight silhouette, sheath dresses, suits and overalls. It is better to choose the length to the knee or midi.

There is no need to be afraid that the image will turn out to be too boring for a holiday party. In vogue are the details that will make the simplest dress trendy:

  • pleating,
  • asymmetrical hem;
  • open shoulder;
  • transparent or shiny inserts.

Do not get carried away, the Rat prefers the nobility of fabrics and textures to complex styles.

Lightness of color

White is the absolute favorite in the color palette of the upcoming holiday. If you are embarrassed by a white dress, then you can choose a jumpsuit or one of the parts of the image: a skirt, blouse or trousers. Yes, impractical, but effective. The element of metal allows you to expand your choice and look for an outfit in other colors and shades: gray, beige, green or blue.

What should be avoided are bright “acid” colors. In the future, there will be many reasons to wear a red dress and become the highlight of the party, the Rat will prefer calm, natural colors.

No prints

You should definitely forget about animal colors: leopard or tiger. The rat is not friendly with cats and will not be happy if she is reminded of unpleasant neighbors on New Year’s Eve. The best solution would be to refuse prints. The pattern of the fabric in combination with the glitter will make the image overloaded, which will not please the balanced Rat at all.

Nobility of materials

The rat loves comfort, warmth and softness. White color requires aristocracy and sophistication. The element of the year wants to see more metallic brilliance. Well, an inventive fashionista can combine all this. Woolen gabardine, silk muslin or velvet are pleasant to the touch, noble and very popular fabrics this season. Metallic threads, lace inserts, lurex or glass beads embroidery are edgy details that will provide the hostess of the dress with a brilliant exit.

Glitter texture

It will not work to meet the year of the elements of metal without brilliance. Shiny can be fabrics, shoes, handbag or all together. No matter how restrained the Rat is, the metallic sheen is her weakness.

If the abundance of glitter is annoying, then you can attract the mistress of the year with a slight flicker of individual details:

  • manicure,
  • makeup with shimmer;
  • shiny hairspray;
  • metal fittings of clothing or accessories.

Shine of jewels

The rat is a thrifty animal, not without reason that many representatives of this sign managed to make a fortune. Therefore, he will take for his anyone on whom he sees precious metals or stones. Gold jewelry will come in handy, especially yellow metal is in trend. It is worth remembering the brooches, which are undeservedly considered old-fashioned. According to the news from the catwalks, brooches are now at their peak, only they are worn in a new way: they are pinned to the belt or on the shoulders of the dress, like shining epaulettes.

If the jewelry box is empty, do not be upset. Jewelry, accessories, applications with rhinestones will completely replace real stones. The main thing is to choose high-quality and neatly made things, the Rat is picky.


The Year of the Rat kicks off a new twelve-year cycle in the Chinese zodiac. The beginning of new affairs, renewal in all spheres of life is considered the motto of this year. We must accept the challenge and show the Rat our readiness for change. Where to begin? From buying a new dress.

But a smart Rat will understand if some element could not be embodied in the New Year’s image, she meets not by clothes. Solid, like metal, intentions, pure, like the color of the year, thoughts – these are the main elements that the Rat loves. For which with pleasure will share luck and wealth.

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