New Year’s look 2021 for obese women: 7 stylish options

New Year’s Eve is a time when every woman wants to impress others with an elegant outfit. And if slender young ladies can afford to buy an outfit a few days before the holiday, then it is better for puffy beauties to prepare for the event in advance in order to take into account important nuances.

Popular designers decided to help their clients and presented a number of looks for the main night of the year.

Unexpected Options

When choosing an outfit for the meeting of the year of the White Metal Ox, special attention should be paid to the color scheme of the set. Metallic and pastel shades will be relevant, the use of which promises prosperity and wealth in the new year.

All kinds of shiny fabrics, patterns and a scattering of sequins will be appropriate this night. The options, reminiscent of dragon scales, will not only please the symbol of the year, but will also make the owner of this toilet a real star of the party.

A wrap dress can advantageously emphasize the dignity of a pear or hourglass figure. A competent choice of accessories will help to place the necessary accents in the image, highlighting the waist or emphasizing the neckline.

Dresses with a high slit will suit the owners of beautiful long legs. Such a model can be on the straps, although a long sleeve would be appropriate here. In addition, despite the impressive length, the dress is perfect for dance lovers.

The jacket dress is becoming more and more popular every year, presenting both classic and evening wear. In such a dress, you can go straight from the office to the club, complementing the image with a pair of jewelry.

The lingerie-style dress is the undeniable hit of this season. Paul Poiret, the creator of the lingerie style in clothes, at the beginning of the 20th century, could not even imagine how organically such dresses would look on plus size models.

Images that always work

Light chiffon will make the image of a puffy beauty more elegant, and a well-chosen shade of the dress will emphasize the delicate radiance of the skin. Girls who prefer romantic images in clothes always catch the enthusiastic glances of guys.

Animal prints, which came into fashion back in the 90s and still do not lose their relevance, will suit bold, self-confident ladies. Today, wearing natural fur coats is considered the height of bad taste, but resourceful designers managed to find a way out and continued to work with their favorite prints, applying them to ordinary fabric.

Adherents of universal classics in clothes will suit the legacy of the ingenious Chanel – a little black dress, as the secret weapon of any fashionista.

Tips from designers when choosing a plus size New Year’s outfit

Appearance is considered the hallmark of any woman, regardless of age, height and size. A few years ago, it was quite difficult to find elegant clothes for women over size 52, and the choice of outfits for women over size 58 was limited to plain dark shades.

Today, the fashion industry has become more liberal in relation to the fairer sex with appetizing forms, presenting all kinds of clothes in almost any size on the catwalk. Shopping has become just as enjoyable for plump women as it is for skinny ones.

Designers recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • it is important to choose a dress in size so that it does not look baggy, but hides figure errors;
  • the style of the dress should match the type of figure;
  • the texture and density of the fabric is important;
  • it is better to focus on one element: the radiance of sequins, an interesting print, a few cute decorations, and not mix everything in one look;
  • competently combining colors, you can visually reduce the volume, for example, using the “color vertical” technique;
  • despite the democratic nature of fashion trends, when choosing a dress, it is advisable to prefer a classic length not above the knee;
  • little trick: you need to profitably beat your advantages, whether it be milky-white skin, luxurious decollete, graceful wrists or long slender legs.

The above images are only a small part of the possibilities prepared for the upcoming season by trendsetters for plus size girls.

No matter how impressive the outfit, the main thing in the image is the burning look and radiant smile of its owner.

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