New Year’s manicure 2019 – a fountain of ideas

The New Year 2019 is approaching, and each of us is thinking about an outfit, hairstyle and manicure for his meeting with friends, at home with family or at a corporate party. New Year is a special holiday. It decorates nature with fluffy snow, and cities with the brilliance of luminous garlands, fabulous window displays, cute Christmas trees at every step. Everything glows and sparkles. The smell of fir trees, tangerine, snow hovers around – a special New Year’s aroma. In the hustle and bustle of the festive turmoil, you need to think about your beloved, so that the holiday is a joy. And a manicure is an important component of a good mood. And you can do it in advance, because we have gel polish. Thanks to those who created it!

Decide which manicure to choose for the New Year in advance so that your master can do what you like. We have selected fashion design options for this photo.

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Fashion design trends in nail-art

Let’s see what fashion offers new and relevant in decorating nails. Often, many color and design choices are coordinated with the Chinese calendar. Could be so. The upcoming New Year – the year of the yellow earthen boar (or pig) dictates the following of his favorite colors for manicure.

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  • Yellow can be thought of as gold, the color symbolizing gold, which means wealth. They say it guarantees financial well-being.
  • Green is the color of the energy of life, filling the soul and body with joy. Associated with the Christmas tree, in the theme of the New Year holidays.
  • Brown is a symbol of the earth, fertility, success in matters related to family and home.

Fashionable manicure with yellow tones

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And a little less loved by the boar, but relevant.

  • Black is a color that symbolizes poise, peace, balance, as well as confidence in making decisions.
  • Red – the color of passion, awakens innermost desires. Very effective and provocative.

You can choose an outfit and manicure based on this color scheme, if such colors suit you. Or choose a different tone, such as:

  • white or blue;
  • chic wine or purple;
  • delicate pink or blue;
  • classic beige or grey.

Trendy colors and stylish design

On any background, you can create a New Year’s manicure using a fashionable design. And such novelties of nail art will help in this.

  • Kamifubuki, holographic confetti of different diameters and colors, from which you can lay out a geometric or abstract pattern. Looks innovative.
  • Yuki flakes that have an iridescent chameleon color. They come in different shades and look like snowflakes. They can be put on the nail with plates or rubbed like a rub. The number of application ideas is limited only by your imagination. You can see the options in our photos.
  • Rubs – silver, like frosty frost, gold, just in time for the theme of the year of the boar, and holographic, the most fashionable, in the light of new trends in nail design.

Festive manicure with kamifubuki

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But no one canceled the use of glitter, shimmer, flock, mastics, rhinestones and bouillons. In combination with new materials, you can make an unexpected and original nail design for the New Year 2019.



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How to make a manicure in the New Year theme

The length of the nails can be short or long, depending on your preference. The shape of the nail plate recommended by designers is a soft square or a classic oval. Stylets are gone. Also, painting nails with a pattern remains relevant. And for the New Year theme, all the attributes of a winter holiday are applicable.

  • Snowflakes, large single or a scattering of small ones. Look good on any color. Drawn in outline or putty, they can be decorated in the center with rhinestones or broths for sparkle and mood.

  • Lace pattern reminiscent of frosty window painting. It works well on both light and dark backgrounds. Especially beautiful effect on the gradient. For example, from green or blue to white. The quintessence of winter and holiday, if you decorate the edge of the nail with sparkles.

  • Christmas trees, stylized or not, spruce twigs or brooms from them. Such a drawing would look better drawn not on all fingers, but only on one or two on each hand. The rest of the nails can be painted in the same color, but in different colors.

  • Christmas balls or other Christmas decorations, garlands from them. They look festive and create the right mood, especially if everything glitters or shimmers.

  • Drawings of New Year’s accessories, such as wreaths, bells, socks. Or even images of Santa and his helpers. Deer and bear nails look very cute and will bring back the feeling of childhood.

Original ideas for New Year’s nail design

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Idea! Make New Year’s drawings with mastic. Christmas trees and snowflakes will look soft, voluminous and as if fluffy.


Important! If you are not very confident in the artistic abilities of your master in drawing the same deer, it is better to use special stickers with a picture. And you will be sure of the result.

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Drawings can be combined with the classic design of nails: jacket, moon manicure, gradient or holes. Or choose a different design style, more strict or, conversely, an explosion of burlesque.

New Year’s jacket

For burlesque, you need to sparkle and shimmer. Why not? The New Year allows a lot of things that you are afraid to allow yourself at the usual time. Here you will be helped by newfangled kamifubuki and Yuki flakes, rhinestones and glitter. The effects created with their help will be hard to miss on your pens. And this can be seen in the photos that we have selected for you.

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Note! With such a rich design of nails, it is better to do without large sparkling rings so as not to overload the image. The nails will already be the decoration of the fingers.



And if you need a strict design, for example, for formal New Year’s events or you like a simpler nail design?

  • Make the usual version of the manicure, add some sparkles to the tip of the nail or emphasize a couple of fingers in this way. And you can do it yourself before the holiday. And after the night, remove the sparkles with a solvent. It’s easy with gel polish.
  • The coating can be matte, on all nails or selectively. Matte manicure has become a trend in 2018. This will make you stand out among the sparkle around, and, most importantly, you will feel comfortable.
  • Coatings with rubs, gold, pearl or holographic are beautiful and elegant. Looks stylish and goes with any dress. Hands will look elegant.

Strict New Year’s manicure design with rubbing and broths

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Idea! With a manicure like this…

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