New Year’s manicure 2023 with a design for short nails

New Year’s celebrations are getting closer, although in the daily bustle and tense atmosphere that reigns around, this is practically not felt. The editors of the “Fashionable Lady” offers fashionistas a little distraction from worries and worries. Start planning your holiday look now. About what outfits will look especially impressive on a festive night, we told in this review. We are talking about hairstyles here. And our today’s review will tell you what kind of New Year’s manicure-2023 can be done on short nails. Join, it will be interesting.



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What is the best shade of polish for short nails?

It is generally accepted that the shorter the nails, the calmer the color of the coating should be. To some extent, this rule is true. But today we are talking about New Year’s Eve – a time when absolutely everything is possible. We recommend creating a design by referring to the shades listed below.


  • classic red. In ordinary life, red on short nails should be treated with caution, as it will not always look appropriate. But New Years is different. Feel free to apply a bright coating on the plates, if you wish, you can even use sparkles and kamifubuki of the same color. If you are afraid that it will turn out too catchy, add some white to the design.


  • Blue. The whole palette of blue will look good on nails of small length. This fundamental shade is perfect for creating winter and New Year’s nail art. Decorate the blue cover with white snowflakes, gold rhinestones, or silver sequin patterns to fit right in with the holiday vibe. The design based on blue will turn out elegant and stylish.


  • dark green. If you want to see the perfect holiday manicure on your short nails, then turn to dark green. This shade will please with its versatility, depth, incomparable aesthetics. Green is the color of hope. It will certainly cheer you up, give you faith in the best. It can be supplemented with gold foil, red or burgundy stripes.


  • pale yellow. This color is not the most popular for the New Year’s look, but in vain. Indeed, on the nails of a small length, it looks beautiful and organic. Silver sequins, bright yellow and dark kamifubuki, gold rhinestones, drawings made in red, blue, green and black will go well with pale yellow. Feel free to get creative to create your dream design.


  • Beige. A manicure for the New Year 2023 in beige, made on short nails, looks, without exaggeration, a reference. Complete it with mother-of-pearl pearls, delicate rhinestones, silver glitter, miniature drawings in white or plain acrylic powder. Such nail art will emphasize your tenderness, femininity and beauty.


  • Brown. A rich, calm, deep shade that fits perfectly into the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve. Rhinestones and pixie crystals go well with brown. Apply them over the top coat and they will sparkle in the light of holiday lights. For ladies who prefer restraint and conciseness, we can recommend an elegant, graceful, matte design.


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A good choice for nails of small length in the New Year will be: white, gold, silver, milky, gray, burgundy, olive, black. Any of these shades can be considered a win-win.


Design ideas for a short manicure for the New Year 2023

What can be depicted on short nails? Of course, the scope for creativity here is not as extensive as in the case of long ones, but you won’t have to complain about the lack of ideas either. Let’s share the best ones.

  • Snowflakes. This is perhaps the simplest design to refer to. It is enough to draw one or two snowflakes on the finger of each hand to cheer yourself up. To make the design more spectacular, create three-dimensional patterns with acrylic powder. Small white snowflakes on a black or dark blue background will look beautiful.


  • Symbol of the year. Manicure for the New Year can be accented on the symbol of the year. The patron of 2023 is the Blue Water Rabbit. To appease the fluffy one, draw it on your nails. Even the simplest image of a Rabbit can bring you good luck for the whole next season. A timid and modest animal will be pleased with such attention. Get creative.


  • Kamifubuki. A scattering of multi-colored or one-color kamifubuks also looks good on short nails. Confetti for manicure can be round, diamond-shaped or any other shape. Kamifubuki marigolds can be covered completely or partially. In any case, a beautiful design will turn out to be organic and festive, it will fit well into the atmosphere of fun.

  • With drawings. We emphasize right away that it is better not to draw landscapes on nails of short length. They will be inappropriate. Limit yourself to minimalist designs that are fashionable today. Spruce twigs, stars, Christmas decorations, little animals, patterns and other attributes of the holiday can be depicted both on a dark and on a transparent background. But they must be concise.


  • Sliders. Yes, this is also not new, but it is a viable idea for a beautiful New Year’s manicure. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time painting your nails by hand. Sliders fit neatly on short nails, look spectacular, easily allow you to get dream nail art. They can also be combined with sparkles, ombre technique, acrylic powder.

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Bright New Year’s manicure-2023 for short nails is a great addition to the festive look. Study the photos presented in our review to decide on the design right now.

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