New Year’s manicure for long nails 2023

New Year 2023 is getting closer. For many, this holiday is associated with happiness, it causes a feeling of anticipation of something magical. Even preparing for New Year’s Eve gives a lot of positive emotions. That is why most fashionistas prefer to pre-select dishes for the festive table, think over the outfit, hairstyle, makeup and, of course, nail design. With the latter, we are ready to help. In today’s review, we will share ideas for the New Year’s manicure-2023 for long nails. Consider interesting options for each form.




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The most festive color combinations

Most often, manicure for New Year’s Eve is performed in bright colors. The most popular are those associated directly with the holiday. These are: green, red, white, gold, silver, blue, burgundy. Often in the design of nails for the New Year, noble blue and other colors that are relevant for the solemn occasion are used. Let’s list the successful combinations.


  • Red with white. A very beautiful, bright duet, which is often associated with the outfit of Santa Claus or his Western “colleague” – Santa Claus. To create a design on the nails, you can depict the usual red and white stripes or something more intricate. Ideas can be gleaned from the photo selection below.


  • Green with gold. The symbol of 2023 – the Water Rabbit – is sympathetic to the green hue. Therefore, turning to him on New Year’s Eve is a good idea. But be sure to combine green with gold. Use rhinestones, sequins, foil, wire and other suitable decor elements in your design.


  • Blue with white. Another beautiful combination. Blue and white manicure is good because it is relevant for the entire winter season as a whole. For example, draw the most ordinary snowflakes on long nails, and enjoy the result as much as you want. Agree, it is very convenient and practical.


  • Green with red. Nail art for the most devoted fans of the holiday. Moreover, the shades in this case, you can choose bright. When designing, feel free to show your imagination. Draw fir branches on a red background or red Christmas balls on green. Such a manicure will delight both you and your loved ones.


  • Blue with silver. Another combination that can be worn throughout the winter, and not just on New Year’s holidays. Such a manicure looks equally attractive on both long nails and short ones. Include in the design, in addition to silver sparkles, snowflakes or any other symbol of the New Year.


  • Gray with milky. Who said that New Year’s nail art must be bright? You can turn to more calm, but no less luxurious combinations. For example, gray and milky. Separately, they look modest, unpretentious, but together they create a beautiful, elegant, sophisticated duet.


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What other color combinations can you look for for a festive night? The design of white with milk chocolate will look very appetizing. Burgundy with silver will add spectacularity to the image. If you wish, you can turn to black, for example, by drawing white snowflakes on its background.

Design ideas for long nails for the New Year 2023

Long nails look great on the hands and allow you to bring any design to life. But you need to wear them carefully so as not to break. Otherwise, the whole impression of the image will be spoiled. One of the most practical forms in this case will be a soft square. Manicure on square nails is very elegant. Also, the “ballerina” is back in fashion. Almond-shaped nail art will become a win-win classic. Next, we list ideas for New Year’s decoration of nails.

  • With drawing. A design that has no limits. You can depict on the nails everything that is associated with the holiday: a Christmas wreath, spruce, decorations, garlands, Santa’s deer and Santa himself, snowflakes, snowmen, holly, candies, penguins and bows. And don’t worry that your manicure will turn out a little childish, because it’s the New Year!


  • with piercing. A very creative trend. A manicure for the New Year 2023, made on long nails and decorated with one or more small pendants, will have a very extravagant look. But you can be sure that no one else will have such a holiday. As a pendant, you can take a crystal or miniature Christmas toys.


  • Cozy with a cage. In 2023, checkered print will be incredibly popular, and this will be reflected in all segments of fashion, including manicure. So why not turn to the cage on New Year’s Eve. For example, as a basis, you can take a Scottish tartan checkered pattern, as in the photo. Red with thin black stripes will be a great base for any nail design.

  • With glitter and shimmer. If you don’t feel like going for an intricate design, go for regular glitter. You can apply them on all fingers at once, on half of the nail, at the hole or within the pattern. Be as creative as you want, there are no limits. After all, New Year’s Eve and glitter are actually synonymous words. Adds a mysterious glow to holiday manicures and shimmers.


  • With kamifubiki. In the New Year, a scattering of confetti can be not only around the Christmas tree, but also on the nails. Bring this playful design to life with colorful kamifubiki. Place them on the plate as you like, secure with a transparent glossy top. In general, this is enough to create a festive mood.


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You should not choose a pointed nail shape for New Year’s nail art. To the soft, calm symbol of the year, she will seem too aggressive. Go for something more feminine and traditional.


We told you what a manicure for the New Year 2023 could be for long nails. You just have to choose the appropriate design to meet the year of the rabbit fully armed.

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