New Year’s manicure with snowflakes

A charming manicure with snowflakes is a sure way to create a New Year’s mood and even approach this wonderful holiday. If you want a winter fairy tale to come to life on your nails and sparkle with the cutest snowflakes, inspire with a portion of topical designs carefully selected by our team. We promise to motivate you for a chic manicure and charge you with New Year’s euphoria!

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Choosing colors

When, if not in winter, to embody the most beautiful designs on your nails and experiment with thematic drawings? Such nail art looks especially impressive in the typical colors of this time of year. Choose the most fashionable shades and embody them in your winter manicure.

  • Dynamic red in the design is a true association with the approaching New Year’s magic. It will definitely add color to your everyday life and will be a bright detail of any image.
  • A separate role in the family of red shades goes to the attractive burgundy. It seems to us that it was invented for the most noble and luxurious nail art.

New Year’s manicure in red tones

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  • It is impossible to imagine a winter palette without deep blue.
  • The rating of cold shades continues with beautiful blue in all its variety of shades.
  • The cheerful turquoise deserves special mention – it also has a place to be in drawing snowflakes.

Manicure in blue tones

  • Intense purple is beautiful both in splendid isolation and in combination with other colors.
  • Of course, in thematic design, white in all its splendor is the main color of winter.
  • Cozy brown was also seen by us in a beautiful snowy manicure.
  • But what about gold? Christmas design with snowflakes and sparkles always looks great.

  • A stylish solution for an extravagant manicure is black.

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We have listed the most trendy and popular shades for winter nail art. If you have other ideas, feel free to implement them: experiments this season are only welcome.


Now we offer to move on to the most interesting – ideas for manicure with snowflakes, which are backed up by photos of beautiful designs. Get excited and decide!


The easiest way to make your nails well-groomed and tidy is to opt for a French manicure. With the advent of winter, he friendly accepts drawings of snowflakes into his company. Such a tandem looks especially beautiful in a traditional beige and white tones. However, the classics are always beautiful.

But the jacket can be different, not the way you are used to seeing it. Nail art masters love to play with a colored or transparent background, as well as adding various decor.

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The mysterious transition of shades is in perfect harmony with the imitation of a snow whirlwind on the nails. If you want to achieve just such an effect, take cold colors as a basis. Blue, blue, green and purple, coupled with gray or snow-white, are perfect.

Small sequins, foil or glitter will be a great addition to this bewitching design.

Velvet sand

If you have an idea to make snowflakes in a manicure more voluminous and spectacular, connect luxurious velvet sand to their creation. With the use of such decor, you can create a variety of designs, and our photo selection is an excellent proof of this.

If you have everything for a gel polish manicure in your arsenal, it will not be difficult for you to repeat this beautiful design. Remember the sequence of actions.

  • Using a thin brush, draw a snowflake or even a scattering of them.
  • Sprinkle this area with powder or sand.
  • Dry the result of artistic impulses under the lamp.
  • With a dry brush, shake off excess decor that has not seized.

Beautiful sand nail design

Interesting: New Year’s manicure 2019 – a fountain of ideas

Pearly Lacquer

This elementary idea will allow you to create a spectacular manicure in an easy way. After all, as you know, everything ingenious is simple.

To recreate an imitation of a snow blizzard on your nails, you need to use mother-of-pearl varnish with many small sparkles. Such a coating will create an interesting effect of a whirlwind of snowflakes. It can be used as a standalone design, or it can be supplemented with snowflake patterns so that everyone can guess your idea.

Snowstorm on nails

Matte manicure

Contrasting snowflakes will look the best on a chic matte finish.

If you decide to choose a light shade for the velvet base, paint snowflakes on it in black, burgundy, blue or dark green. The balance of contrast must also be maintained in a design with a dark base: light patterns look elegant on it.

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cat eye

Manicure for the New Year a priori should be chic. An easy way to achieve this is to use the mysterious iridescence of the cat’s eye technique instead of a monochromatic coating. Choose dark deep tones and the design of your nails will turn out to be truly bewitching.

Knitted motifs

With the advent of winter, all fashionistas take out their favorite and cozy sweaters from the closet. Fashion trends, in turn, recommend warming your fingers as well, choosing a manicure with delicate decorative knitting for them.

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Today, various patterns in design are in trend – choose pigtails, zigzags, rhombuses, tubercles and you will hit the bull’s-eye.


Scandinavian snowflakes

You can easily recognize this motif, borrowed from a cozy sweater. Patterns on nails look no less beautiful than on clothes. Choose contrasting shades for such a fashionable manicure so that the pattern is noticeable. A red and white tandem is a win-win, but other solutions are possible.


A manicure with snowflakes and rhinestones can be a worthy decoration for your nails when you meet 2019. The simplest technique is to place glittering stones in the center of the snowflakes or on their edges.

Snowflake manicure, complemented by rhinestones and broths

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This enchanting design will be the perfect addition to any evening outfit.


Drawing lessons

Surely, after seeing all these incredible designs, you would like to embody something similar in your manicure. There is nothing easier!

  • Armed with a thin brush, toothpick or needle, you can create real masterpieces on your nails using our step-by-step photos.

Drawing lessons – create a beautiful snowflake on the nails

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Note! Drawing a straight line may not be as easy as it seems at first glance. However, a little patience and skill will help you cope with this task.


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  • If you are not too confident in your artistic talents, you…

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