New Year’s manicure with sparkles

Perhaps, a New Year’s manicure with sparkles is the most win-win option for creating a spectacular festive look. On a night when everything sparkles and sparkles, you want to catch a wonderful atmosphere and keep this incredible mood for all the holidays. It turns out that all you need to do is add glitter to the eyes, a manicure and an outfit!

Interesting New Year’s Eve Design Ideas with Glitter

Amazing Trends

2019 breaks into our lives with its own rules and trends that excite the imagination of all fashionistas! How will he surprise us in the world of nail art?

  • In all its splendor, not only varnishes with sparkles or glitter can shine on nails. This year, trends suggest going further and using real diamond-shaped jewelry in manicure. Fashionistas seriously examine their jewelry boxes for small stones that can be the most luxurious accent in a manicure.

Delicate transitions of shades with sparkles and kamifubuki

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! You can find high-quality imitation gemstones in needlework and manicure stores. They will be useful to you in creating a bewitching nail art.[/stextbox]

With the help of sequins make out a jacket

  • The brilliant design is also not averse to experimenting with beads that imitate real pearls. This decorative technique is best combined with a delicate base of pink or beige in a matte finish. Pearls are laid out along the hole or smile of the jacket and create an elegant and discreet manicure.

Volumetric snowflakes on a matte background

  • Full coverage of the nail with sparkles or highlighting only its tip or base does not surprise anyone. The freshest and trendiest move in nail art is a half-hearted design. He assumes that only one half of the nails of the plate is filled with shining particles. Very effective and simple at the same time!

  • Many girls continue the idea of ​​a glitter manicure in their festive outfit. However, few people think about how to maintain a radiant mood also in makeup. By the way, now it is trendy. Feel free to get sparkling shadows, lip gloss or highlighter from your makeup bag and practice creating the most spectacular make-up.

  • Where, if not in New Year’s nail art, go beyond the usual and permitted. Fashion trends offer to do it in the truest sense of the word and connect glitter to decorate the skin around the nails. This trend has been seen at the top shows of the 2018 season and has proven itself so well that it is guaranteed to linger in 2019.

Unusual drawings on the New Year theme with rhinestones and sparkles

  • If you are thinking about how to demonstrate your knowledge of beauty trends to everyone, then apply shimmer polish on your nails, and then cover them with an additional portion of glitter. Such a thorough approach is now extremely popular.

Pay attention to non-standard glitter with stripes

Tools for creating a sparkling manicure

Do you want to receive a compliment on New Year’s Eve “You look just brilliant”? Then choose which sparkling decor will decorate your holiday manicure this time.

Lunar manicure, snowflakes and glitter

  • Shimmer polish is so easy to use that it’s the most popular medium for creating sparkly nail art. Such a coating guarantees a gentle and moderate shine.

Christmas drawings and ornament with glitter

  • A close relative of the shimmer is glitter. It can be dry or liquid.


  • Decorating a design with rhinestones is always a great idea for a festive manicure. Despite their showiness, these shiny stones can also be used in a laconic design. In this case, they are laid out in a straight line or create a delicate accent on the hole or smile. A more daring solution is drawings from rhinestones and full marigold inlay.

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Glitter finish that shimmers in different shades

  • A way for the most painstaking and patient is the use of crumbly sparkles in manicure. They are more difficult to handle, but they guarantee an incomparable design.

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Original jacket and sequins

  • Very tiny shiny particles are called glitter dust. Also, this decor is often referred to as manicure dust. It is with them that you can get a festive design that will not look too catchy.

  • Slightly larger than dust is nail sand, which is a very popular type of glitter.

  • Curly sequins have a wonderful ability to create the most impressive designs. Girls just love to use shining particles in the form of stars, hearts, stripes and triangles.

Multi-colored sparkles on a plain light and dark background

  • Round kamifubuki also proved to be excellent in the New Year’s manicure with sparkles for the 2019 meeting.

  • The relevance of confetti sparkles in festive nail art is ensured not only by the thematic name, but also by a spectacular design.

Idea #1

Glitter in a dry texture can be your faithful assistant in creating a beautiful festive manicure. Its main feature is the elementary implementation. Remember the universal plan!

  • Cover your nails with a special base. She not only takes care of the flawless application of subsequent layers, but also ensures the durability of the finished result.
  • This is followed by a layer of the selected colored varnish.
  • Without waiting for the previous coating to dry, dip your nails into a jar of glitter.
  • If you dip only the tips, you will get an exquisite French-style manicure.

Glitter ombre manicure can be easily done by yourself

Idea #2

A transparent coating in combination with glitter of any size looks very impressive and at the same time quite restrained. Such a manicure resembles a fashionable negative spase format, which is why it is very popular.

Delicate design option, reminiscent of negative space

A technique used by many nail art professionals is applying glitter with an eyeshadow applicator. This technique ensures that a fabulous holiday design will take you no more than 10 minutes.

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Idea #3

This is another idea that claims to be the easiest to implement. You only need to choose your favorite color of varnish and the desired type of sparkles. All nails should be covered with a color coating, and only 1 or 2 on each hand should be highlighted for shiny accents. How simple and how effective!

Idea #4

Fashionable ombre effect can be done not only with colored nail polishes. Stretching with sparkles looks much more effective.

The most optimal decor for this design is small dry sparkles. Of course, you can experiment with larger particles, but such a manicure will require more patience and perseverance from you.

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