New Year’s nail design 2021

Looking at the New Year’s 2021 nail design in the photo, you are surprised how talented the nail service masters are. Amazing landscapes, color combinations, pictorial masterpieces, new techniques make each of the fashionistas the very best at the New Year’s feast. How to decorate your nails for the holiday, see below.

Important Points

Before choosing a stylish and interesting nail design in the New Year theme, it is important to consider a few points that the masters draw the attention of women to:

First, the long, sharp form of nails is a thing of the past. At the peak of popularity, short nails or nails of medium length are square, almond-shaped or softened-square.

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Secondly, it is important to choose the right color for the design. It is desirable that it be aged in the shades of the year of the bull. These are gray, graphite, black, white, silver, all shades of red, peach, yellow, blue. It is desirable that the design of the nails be in harmony with the New Year’s outfit or be universal, suitable for both an office suit and an evening dress.

[tds_warning]Please note that conciseness and restraint are in trend. Therefore, it is desirable to design nails in a calm, balanced design.[/tds_warning]

The symbol of the year is the bull!

For the most daring, expressive and stylish women of fashion, it will be interesting to look at the option with the image of a bull on one of the nails. It can be applied using the stamping technique or an artistic image can be made with a thin brush. Place the bull on the ring finger. It is desirable that it be clearly visible against the background of varnish. Therefore, choose contrasting shades for design.

foil glitter

With the help of pieces of foil, you can make a trendy New Year’s nail design 2021. Especially when you consider that radiance is a symbol of the year of the bull. A few seasons ago, only gold and silver foil shades were available to the master. Today, foil glitter can be made in any color from red to green. It is important to consider that the shine of foil pieces looks especially bright on dark shades of varnish. And both matte and glossy. If you are doing nail design for New Year’s Eve, pay attention to black, burgundy, coffee shades of varnish.


The glitter and radiance of rhinestones is an essential attribute of a festive manicure. Moreover, small decorative stones, glitters and crystals can be used on any design – jacket, ombre, gossamer, gradient stamping, etc. Rhinestone design can be placed on all nails of both hands or select a few fingers for a beautiful design.


What’s a New Year’s Eve without confetti?! Put cute bright circles on your nails and stand out from other fashionistas. This design for New Year’s Eve will make you the most interesting. Masters recommend that instead of the usual round confetti, choose decorations in the shape of a heart, rhombus, snowflakes, stars, stripes.


Among the fashion trends, the technique of printing on nails also occupies a confident position. Stamping is the use of special templates and stamps, with the help of which any image is imprinted on the nail plate. For New Year’s design, images of snowmen, Santa Claus, snowflakes, Christmas trees, interesting inscriptions in the New Year’s style are suitable. Lace, champagne glasses, cocktail tubes, and stars look no less beautiful on the nails using the stamping technique.

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Classic french

French manicure is a timeless classic. Fans of this technique are invited to slightly dilute the severity of the design and supplement it with New Year’s elements. Together with the master, select the most interesting option. An example would be:

  • covering the tips of the nails with foil or glitter;
  • location on one of the nails of a congratulatory inscription;
  • decoration of nails with rhinestones;
  • execution of one of the nails in the technique of rubbing, etc.

Ombre for any season

A beautiful New Year’s design using the gradient technique is suitable for both short nails and long ones. To decorate your nails, choose gentle winter shades of cold colors or calmer, softer bed tones. It is also allowed to get creative and paint the nails in bright contrasting shades to make an interesting color combination. The latter option is especially suitable for dynamic, cheerful, young girls.

Looks great gradient or ombre in metallic shades. The options in mirror and chrome lacquers will be beautiful. And if you make a design with microshine and acrylic powder, you will generally get a nail masterpiece.

Glitter shine

On New Year’s Eve you need to shine. Allow yourself this with a beautiful design of nails with glitter. Masters suggest using a shiny coating on one or more nails, alternating them with matte coatings. Such a manicure will be interesting and truly festive.

winter attributes

Artistic painting of nails is a special technique that almost all masters own. Armed with a thin brush, an interesting source and a bit of imagination, the specialist will turn your nails into a real New Year’s masterpiece. You can draw snowflakes, snowmen, Santa Clauses, Christmas tree balls, Christmas trees, evening streets with lanterns, silhouettes of cats under a lantern and other attributes of winter. Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Stylists recommend not making huge drawings on the entire nail plate. So they will look smudged. Try to calculate the ratio of the image to the size of the nail plate. Let the drawing be small, but concise, with clearly defined contours.

Matte manicure

A matte finish can be done on both long nails and short ones. Both a uniform coating and matte nails look beautiful, which are combined with the technique of stamping, rubbing, rhinestones, art painting, glitter. The main thing is to choose the shades of varnish that suit you. They should be combined with the outfit or simply reflect your inner mood.

Holiday texts

Surprise, be creative, experiment – try putting interesting inscriptions in the New Year’s style on your nails. Let it be congratulations, wishes, quotes, phrases that reveal your essence. Interesting inscriptions are beautifully combined with French techniques, moon manicure, ombre or gradient, plain coatings with and without glitter, foil shine, etc. Such a New Year’s 2021 nail design The people around you will definitely appreciate it.

Gold and silver

Choose a nail design with the inclusion of a metallic sheen. It combines beautifully with black, coffee, emerald and blue shades, with white, burgundy, gray, pink. If you have a warm color type, choose metallic glitters of gold and bronze. If your color type is cold, then your shine is silver. Gold and silver can be added using the novelty technique of kamifubuki, glitter, rubbing, stamping, foil, etc. on a matte…

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