New Year’s nail design

The New Year’s nail design from our article will allow you to step by step create a flawless manicure that will be the best addition to your holiday look. You can experiment with such nail art right now: thereby training your hand and bringing that very unique atmosphere of the New Year closer.


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What color to choose

The embodiment of the most beautiful New Year’s manicure always begins with the choice of colors. We have a rating of the most win-win color options that create the right association with the festive mood.

  • Rose gold is one of the main trends of the 2019-2019 season. Choose such a varnish with small sparkling particles – this is very New Year’s.
  • Spectacular nail art in the best New Year traditions almost always includes red. His active palette includes both bright scarlet and noble burgundy shades. You will get a win-win combination with white and gold, but other color experiments are also welcome.
  • What is a festive manicure without exquisite precious metals? Get silver or gold nail polish out of your makeup bag, their finest hour has come!

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By the way, gold symbolizes financial success. With such a manicure, you can hint to the symbol of the year what you want to get from it.


  • Transparent varnish with shiny elements has an amazing property to turn any manicure into a solemn one.
  • The symbol of the year will certainly appreciate the manicure in yellow, green, brown and blue and will thank you with good luck next year.

  • Gorgeous emerald hue best depicts spruce branches and themed patterns.
  • White is the color of luxury, purity and elegance. With the right approach, it can turn out to be a very beautiful holiday manicure.

  • Beige nail art can be the best accompaniment to your modesty and impeccable taste.
  • Pink color in the design of nails symbolizes tenderness and romance. Such a manicure will match the feminine dress.
  • Black looks great with sparkling elements. It’s like a little black dress – a classic that is always appropriate. But in splendid isolation, he is rarely suitable for festive nail art.

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The most effective method for the best New Year’s design is themed drawings. With them, you will definitely be the main star of the holiday party!


But what kind of nail art to choose in order to collect the maximum number of compliments? We have compiled for you a rating of current New Year’s nail designs. According to our descriptions and photo tutorials, you will understand step by step how you can embody drawings of incredible beauty in manicure.

Thematic New Year’s manicure

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Note! To make your image look whole, at least one color from the manicure should match your outfit.


Design with snowflakes

Charming snowflakes on nails look great at 15 and 45 years old. It is noteworthy that such wonderful drawings are not difficult to draw at home. Get inspired by our examples and start creating beauty!

In this design, either a glossy lacquer or a layer of a regular monochromatic coating in combination with a layer of a mother-of-pearl top acts as a base. After the background has dried, start painting thin contrasting snowflakes with a toothpick or brush.

You can embody a whirlwind of cute snowflakes on your nails according to this scheme:

The elegance of a French manicure is easy to dilute with a festive mood with the help of a pattern with snowflakes. You just need to make a traditional jacket using stencils, and after it dries, start drawing snowflakes according to the scheme.

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royal design

If you are seriously planning to become the queen of the New Year’s Eve party, you definitely cannot do without the appropriate design. A spectacular crown on the nails will be the best decoration for your royal person.

The symbol of the year will be delighted

An earthen pig – a symbol of the coming year – craves brilliance and luxury in the New Year’s image of girls. Also, her own image in manicure will not leave her indifferent.

No wonder the sign says that if you please the symbol of the year, then you can stock up on happiness and prosperity for the next 12 months. A nice bonus – this design looks incredibly cute and so girlish.

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Charming Christmas trees

The fluffy beauty deservedly claims a proud place in the fashionable New Year’s manicure. Even the photo conveys this festive atmosphere, right? Now imagine what effect the design embodied on the nails will have?

Christmas decorations

What is the New Year without Christmas decorations? One of the main attributes of the holiday will definitely create that very mood and bring solemnity to the manicure.

French lessons

For lovers of French manicure, we dedicate these elegant ideas.

holiday characters

In the New Year’s manicure, it does not matter whether you believe in Santa Claus or not. This funny character will always take its rightful place in holiday design. And to draw it, you do not need to have great artistic talent.

Look at this wonderful snowman – isn’t he a miracle?! This simple and at the same time interesting drawing can be created in less than 15 minutes, and it will delight you with its charm and fun at least New Year’s Eve.

A beautiful deer, funny looking out from under the edge of the nail guarantees a great mood for all the holidays.

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Until the clock strikes 12

Clocks with arrows rapidly approaching midnight are already a classic of festive design. With such a manicure, you will definitely not forget to make your cherished wish!

The cutest mittens

Perhaps this is the most comfortable and winter manicure in our selection. If you can, embody such drawings with gel polish a couple of weeks before the holiday. Mittens on nails will look appropriate in everyday looks, and will also be a great addition to the New Year’s bow.

More dessert ideas

And for dessert, all the most delicious and interesting!

We turn any manicure into a festive one

We know secret tricks that can transform even the simplest and most ordinary nail design into a great addition to your New Year’s outfit.

  • A win-win option is to add sparkling decor to your nails. And this is not just a laconic accent, but real chic, brilliance, beauty! Feel free to use rhinestones, brilliant pigment, decorative adhesive tapes, microbeads, stamping and sliders.

  • Bright or thematic colors will immediately give out the solemnity of the occasion. For example, nail design for the New Year is most often performed using red, white and green shades.
  • Gold and silver are true associations with a festive atmosphere.

Red, white, green and gold are true…

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