New Year’s style “shimmering silver”: 5 images for the meeting of 2021

When choosing an outfit for the New Year 2021, you should pay attention to the preferences of the owner – the White Metal Ox. The bull has good taste, so the main thing when creating a festive look is not to overdo it with shiny elements, which are especially welcome in New Year’s outfits 2021.

Thinking over a spectacular image, it should be remembered that it is not only clothes, but also correctly selected accessories. Do not wear miniskirts and minidresses or dress up in “predatory” prints. In no case should red color and its variations be present in clothes or accessories, as this can cause the wrath of the owner of the coming year!

The color scheme of clothes for New Year’s Eve is quite diverse. But the Metal Ox will especially like outfits with elements of shimmering silver.

Spectacular: dress or jumpsuit made of silver fabric

If you decide to celebrate the New Year in a shimmering silver outfit, you should think about a fitted long dress made of shiny silver fabric or a jumpsuit made of flowing silver fabric, which in themselves will undoubtedly attract attention. Such toilets will look spectacular with a deep neckline, and in a dress you can focus on a high cut. If the hands are open, then you can safely add a massive bracelet, if the neck and shoulders are open, then large earrings with sparkling stones will not become superfluous. A clutch and shoes in pastel shades or graphite color will help to complete the look.

Brilliant classic

Bright and memorable for admirers of the classic style will be a trouser suit made of silvery fabric or material with a metallic effect. You can replace trousers with a skirt or choose only a jacket made of shiny silver-colored fabric, while the top or blouse should be of a calm color. When choosing accessories, it must be taken into account that massive, elaborate jewelry will not fit such an outfit, it is better to confine yourself to earrings and a classic-style ring, a discreet pendant on a thin chain. The clutch and shoes are selected from a calm color scheme. Shiny embroidery or trim with silver beads or sequins is acceptable on them.

Fragile femininity and massive jewelry

A light fluffy skirt made of translucent fabric in combination with a voluminous jumper will emphasize the fragility of the figure. Massive jewelry made of silver metal, a clutch bag, shoes in silver color or with shiny inserts will successfully complement this look.

Little black dress

It is not at all forbidden to dress for the New Year 2021 to wear such a win-win option as a little black dress, and pick up a cape or jacket made of shimmering silvery fabric or massive jewelry, of course, silver. You can choose silvery shoes for the dress – and you are ready for the New Year!

Shimmering silver in the top

For natures, easy-going and with a cheerful disposition, the idea of ​​​​an outfit consisting of a flowing silver or lurex top, which black trousers will go well with, will appeal to you. A sparkly clutch and silver stilettos complete the outfit. This image will appeal to the symbol of the year – the Metal Ox.

Regardless of the chosen image, the New Year 2021 should be met with the family at a richly laid table, which will undoubtedly please the symbol of the coming year, the White Ox will certainly bring prosperity and good luck to the house.

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