New York Fashion Week 2019

February – which means that another fashion week was held in New York, during which fashionistas and fashionistas from all over the world could get acquainted with the current trends in the fashion industry for the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season. If you are one of those who are used to cooking “sleighs in the summer”, we offer an overview of the main trends and novelties that were presented on the catwalks of the fashion capital.


Main trends

By tradition, New York Fashion Week offered fashionistas a lot of interesting new things. We offer you to get acquainted with fashion trends in more detail and see photos from the shows of famous designers.

Brandon Maxwell

The fashion house is a favorite with celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Naomi Campbell and others. Couturiers offered all fashion lovers to create the right capsule wardrobe, which can be the key to a confident start on the road to the starry Olympus.

The basis of the collection is discreet solid colors and universal combinations of things that allow you to look perfect in any life situation. On the catwalk one could see dozens of different variations on the “little black dress” theme, images with a classic combination of a white top and a black bottom, and other styles that are perfect for creating everyday and festive looks.

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Proenza Schouler

Specialists of the fashion house Proenza Schouler also did not overload their images with bright, catchy and spectacular things. The new collection is based on a strict architectural cut, solid colors and their combinations. Additional volume, pleating, flowing fabrics – all this helps to create truly feminine and attractive images for women of any age, profession and wealth. Jackets, skirts, A-line dresses are real fashionable finds that suit both a successful business woman and an actress at the same time.


A fashion house from distant Australia decided to please the ladies with non-standard girlish clothes. The camouflage presented at the New York Fashion Week for spring-summer 2019 has gone by the wayside, because the upcoming fall, the trend will be outfits that are more suitable not for scouts, but for guests from the future, treasure hunters and just good girls who love so much try on all sorts of roles and images.

According to Nika Zimmermann, silhouettes reminiscent of the distant 80s would be appropriate for making autumn bows – wide loose trousers, classic Armani-style coats, blouses made of translucent fabrics with leopard print, as well as delicate lace dresses with many frills and ruffles.

Clothing details play an important role in Zimmermann’s collections. This time the emphasis was on bows. These decorative elements were made not only from silk scarves and ribbons, but also presented in the form of voluminous appliqués decorating dresses.

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Interesting! Already now you can look after a stylish headdress that will warm you in the cold of the coming autumn. According to Zimmermann – it takes. As for shoes, they should match the tone of the clothes. And it doesn’t matter at all if the top is printed, the shoes should not be inferior in brightness.


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“Everything new is a well-forgotten old,” thought the designers of the Longchamp fashion house and decided to offer girls a new look at fashion trends that were appropriate in the period from the 60s to the 80s of the last century. We are talking about a modern interpretation of the fashionable miniskirts of that period, dresses with colorful colors and boho-chic style. If you are not averse to transforming into a crazy and at the same time sensitive girl, feel free to try new items from the Longchamp fashion show.

Christiano Siriano

The designers of this fashion house, on the contrary, decided not to stir up the past, but to dream a little about the distant future. The new collection is dominated by free silhouettes, holographic colors, metallic sheen and timeless glamour. Having tried on the images presented by Christiano Siriano, you can go for an ordinary walk or a secular party, and, believe me, the eyes of millions will be riveted on you, because even ordinary down jackets look chic here.

Sies Marjan

If you don’t like the glitter of metal, but don’t want to merge into the gray mass, then look at the photo from the provocative Sies Marjan collection presented as part of New York Fashion Week. Young, but already gaining popularity, designer Sander Lak invited fashionistas to mix bright colors, combine different prints and textures.

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Interesting! Sander Lak proved that Swarovski crystals, holographic prints, leather and lace inserts can be easily combined in one look, combining it all with bold and bright colors.



This is not the first time this Russian brand has presented its collections as part of New York fashion weeks, February 2019 was no exception. The designers of the fashion house also decided not to remember the past, but to dream, sending their models on journeys that were not limited to the real world. On the catwalks, the girls demonstrated transforming space suits, which can easily be adapted to capricious and changeable weather.

Carolina Herrera

Clothing from this fashion house is very popular with celebrities from all over the world. After all, the items presented are intended for bright and self-confident women who are not used to staying on the sidelines and always want to look stylish and attractive.

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Interesting! The Duchess Meghan Markle herself – the wife of Prince Harry – has repeatedly appeared at official events in clothes from the Carolina Herrera brand.


If you want to look like a real duchess, then be sure to look at the things presented in the collection. After all, here you will find not only mini-dresses and suits for everyday looks, but also romantic printed long dresses with sleeves on the cuffs, as well as elegant evening dresses.

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It is impossible not to mention the miniature handbags that we previously saw in the collections of other couturiers, as well as pointed-toed fabric shoes (not the most practical option for everyday wear) and sequined applications depicting insects.

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fashion fabric

Already now it can be argued that the autumn-winter 2019-2020 will be original and attractive. After all, designers do not want to stop there, generating more and more new ideas.

If you still don’t know what fabrics and colors will be preferred by eminent couturiers, then get ready. You hardly expected something like this.

White satin is one of the trendiest and most sought-after fabrics of New York Fashion Week. Despite the complexity and insidiousness of such a combination (white with overflow can easily emphasize even minor figure flaws), designers from all over …

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