Noodle dress 2019: what to wear with?

What can you wear with a noodle dress in autumn? It is to this issue that we will devote our today’s review. Moreover, it is more relevant than ever, because it is a real autumn in the yard, which means that it is time to warm up. But this must be done not at the expense of fashion and style! In general, we will not beat around the bush. Right now, we invite our readers to carefully read the tips below in order to clearly understand what to strive for and what mistakes to avoid.

Elegant noodle dress – a stylish choice for any season

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What is a noodle dress?

The noodle dress is a model that is very common among girls all over the world. Someone is attracted by its sophistication, someone is universality, and someone is simply comfortable in it. Its distinguishing feature is fit. The elastic material from which this dress is sewn sits tightly on the figure, emphasizing the harmony of the silhouette.

Fashionable look with a noodle dress for autumn

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Important! Tight, like a second skin, noodle dress is recommended only for those ladies who have a good figure. For obese women and girls, it is categorically contraindicated, since even the most insignificant fold will be visible through it, at a glance. But if the desire to wear a noodle dress is simply irresistible, then be sure to wear a spacious cardigan over it, which will cover everything that is better not to show.


Beautiful noodle dress

You can pick up a noodle dress for any time of the year. For example, the summer version will be predominantly short, thin knit and sleeveless.

Noodle dress – summer version

But the autumn will be radically different. No frivolous styles are allowed here, only a strict silhouette, midi or maxi length, thick fabric and collar.

Stylish images with a noodle dress for the cold season

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting fact! Initially, the noodle dress was underwear. But evolution does not stand still and the young ladies are armed to wear it as an independent piece of clothing. [/stextbox]

Fashionable images with a long noodle dress

So, if you think that a knitted noodle dress is boring, then now we will prove to you the fallacy of this statement. Below are the most popular styles that are perfect for the autumn season.


  • Noodle dress with turtleneck Or a turtleneck dress. This model greatly lengthens the silhouette, making it truly sophisticated. Also, this is a great option for everyday wear, which will look relevant in any circumstances.

Dress noodles with a collar under the throat

  • V-shaped neckline. A beautiful décolleté line has not spoiled any woman yet. And if you are of the same opinion, then this fashion trend is exactly for you. What to wear with a noodle dress, complemented by a neckline, in the fall? Pay attention to the photos that we have prepared for you, they prove that there is no better combination than a noodle dress, high heels and a strict jacket. This bow will fit perfectly into any autumn, making you its queen.

V-neck noodle dress

  • voluminous collar. In winter, this model is simply indispensable! The warm voluminous collar will reliably protect your throat from wind and cold.

Noodle dress with voluminous collar

Most often, a noodle dress with such a collar can be found in midi length. And this means that it will be perfectly combined with high boots. But the presence of a high heel, as in the previous case, is not at all necessary here.

Off Shoulder Noodle Dress

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  • Short noodle dress. This is real chic and style! As a rule, its length reaches the middle of the thigh and at first glance it may seem that this is not quite an autumn option. But try wearing stiletto heeled boots and a straight-cut coat with him. The result will exceed all your expectations!

Stylish look – noodle dress with high boots and a coat

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Important! If you have minor figure flaws, but really want to wear a noodle dress, look at the oversized model. It does not lie on the body as tightly as the classic one, which means that you can well please yourself.


Noodle dress – a variation on the theme of oversized

  • Long dress – noodles – what to wear it with in autumn? The answer to this question will probably be the simplest. If you do not want a heel, then refer to ordinary boots, low shoes or ankle boots. These shoes will perfectly harmonize with a long dress and allow you to comfortably move around the city. For outerwear, choose a short leather or denim jacket. Not bad fit into the image and fur trim.

Stylish look with a long dress

  • Off Shoulder Noodle Dress – a great evening option. But if you are tired of monotony, then turn to the Lurex model. These sparkling threads, woven into the fabric, give the outfit a special shine and mystery. That is why many girls with great desire give preference to him.

Stylish option for autumn – noodle dress with bare shoulders

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  • Incision. For those ladies who are willing to show off their legs even in autumn, there is a noodle dress with a slit. This universal model is already comparable to the classics. It looks great with or without a heel, as well as with a coat, jacket or short fur coat.

Dress-noodles with a slit stylish look

  • Sleeve 3/4. Another tribute to fashion. A noodle dress with a sleeve to the elbow is great for the autumn period. If it is still warm outside, then you can easily combine it with a long fur vest. And as shoes, you can choose half boots or stiletto ankle boots, or light light sneakers.

Noodle dress with 3/4 sleeves

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Hot colors for this fall

Let’s continue to analyze the autumn models of the most beloved tight-fitting dress and turn to the color scheme.

Fashion bows with a noodle dress

  • Blue. This color has been emphasized by many modern designers. That is why he is in the lead in our today’s selection. So, what to wear with a blue noodle dress this fall? Best with brown! These two radically opposite colors are perfectly combined with each other, creating a profitable and spectacular contrast. Try wearing brown boots, a coat or jacket, pick up a handbag of the same shade, and you will be surprised how your look will change.

Stylish images with a blue dress

  • Grey, beige, blue or white. The color combination in pastel colors is relevant at all times and for all occasions. And in autumn, when you want comfort, these warm shades will become your outlet.

Pale blue noodle dress – fashionable bow

  • King of color black. This classic…

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