Not a single dress: what else can you wear for the New Year 2020

New Year is a holiday in which women can demonstrate a luxurious outfit. The classic look is an elegant dress, jewelry, high-heeled shoes. However, wearing a dress is a familiar, expected bow. There are several more options for a beautiful outfit. Which can conquer everyone on New Year’s holiday.

According to tradition, you need to celebrate the New Year in the symbolic colors of the symbol of the year. 2020 is the Year of the Metal (White) Rat. To have a successful year, you need to pick up not only beautiful clothes. But also the appropriate range of colors.

The most suitable colors for the Metallic (White) Rat are:

  • white – a white outfit should be chosen if in the new year a woman seeks to increase financial income;
  • light gray – this shade in clothes is preferable for girls who dream of meeting their love.

It is strongly not recommended to choose clothes of “predatory” colors, so as not to scare away good luck. Under the ban – leopard and snake prints.


The most suitable option for replacing a dress is a skirt. A symbol of femininity, elegance will certainly decorate New Year’s Eve. For the holiday, it is better to choose a light, flowing skirt of medium length. It is better to refuse a mini skirt for this celebration.

The skirt is universal, under it you can choose absolutely any top. It can be a festive blouse, a top with a jacket, a tight-fitting turtleneck.

It is recommended to wear a white skirt, light top, shoes. Be sure to complement the image with jewelry (you can pick up both jewelry and costume jewelry).


Of course, for New Year’s Eve you should not choose a classic denim jumpsuit. It needs to be festive. A light, cropped jumpsuit in light colors will do. An outfit made of silk, satin will look interesting. To cover your shoulders, making the night warmer, more comfortable, you need to pick up a cape under the jumpsuit. An obligatory accessory is a clutch (silver, metal).


A light snow-white sundress with intricate patterns will create the image of the Snow Queen. Shoes and accessories are required. To create the perfect bow, it is recommended to choose the right makeup – red lipstick, black arrows on the eyes.

Pants with top

For girls who prefer to cover their legs, it is recommended to wear loose white trousers, a metallic (light gray) top. Addition – jacket, bolero. The metal top adds a festive touch. With white trousers, it is perfect for the color palette for the meeting of the year of the Rat.


Unusual version of the festive bow. Suitable for girls with ideal figure parameters who like to attract attention. The shorts are short, the top is a beautiful light top with an open back. Shoes must have heels. Under such an outfit, it will be interesting to look at a massive top – a stylish fitted coat, a trench coat of coarse fabric.

Wearing a dress on New Year’s Eve is customary and uninteresting. It is recommended to meet the main night of the year in an unusual way, which will be remembered for a long time.

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