Not in shape yet: 5 dresses for spring 2021 that will help hide the tummy

This piece of women’s wardrobe has not gone out of fashion for centuries. Now the market is saturated with various variations of this wardrobe item. It is important to find such styles that emphasize the dignity of the female figure and hide the flaws, delighting and uplifting their owner.


This style can be said to be universal. A smooth and elongated contour will brighten up the female outlines. Suitable for everyone: an apple, a pear, an inverted triangle and, of course, an hourglass. In the spring, it makes sense to give preference to laconic outfits in delicate shades, it would be appropriate to look at a V-shaped neckline, which will lengthen the silhouette. The trend is voluminous sleeves, which are perfectly combined with a straight cut.

With smell

Wrap dresses still remain in the 2021 trend, which plays into the hands of girls with flaws in the figure. Due to its asymmetry, it stretches the silhouette, hiding imperfections in the abdomen and hips. For early spring, models below the knee with long sleeves are well suited. It is important not to overload such an image with details and a flashy pattern, but to balance it with plain shoes.


This style of attire looks feminine due to its flounces. A variety of design options are presented in spring collections – from a sports knitted dress to delicate chiffon. Such models look appropriate with both sneakers and heels. The flared cut will hide the imperfections of the physique.

High waisted

To successfully choose a dress with a high waist, you should pay attention to the skirt – it should not be tight. Such a cut of the product will create a feminine silhouette and lengthen the legs. The turn-down collar, which is back on the catwalks this season, looks attractive.

A – silhouette

Another classic option, which, due to its versatility, is suitable for any woman. It is worth buying it in the form of a shirt, leather, chiffon and other fashionable designs.


In addition to successful styles, there are small secrets on how to visually look slimmer:

  • strive for vertical lines;
  • do not create an emphasis on the abdomen: draperies, buttons, peplums, etc .;
  • the skirt should end at the slimmest part of the legs;
  • loose fit, not tight in disadvantageous places;
  • matte fabrics without sheen, which can draw attention to unnecessary roundness;
  • dense fabrics.

Do not limit yourself in choosing clothes because of the features of the figure. After all, its purpose is to hide flaws and show advantages. This well-chosen piece of clothing will delight more than one season.

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