Нюд в летнем гардеробе

Nude in the summer wardrobe of the season 2020

Femininity and romance will never go out of fashion. It is these criteria that correspond to clothes of delicate nude shades. Having replenished your wardrobe with a couple of things in nude color, you can easily create a stylish bow. The main thing is to know how to choose the right shades to get a light, fragile look that meets the fashion trends of the summer season 2020.

Nude in a summer wardrobe

Palette of nude shades

Nyud in translation from English is translated as naked, naked. This means that nudes are colors that are close to the tone of the body.

The most fashionable natural shades of summer 2020 include:

  • powdery, combining beige and pink;
  • caramel, reminiscent of coffee with cream, includes beige tones with the addition of apricot, chocolate or peach notes;
  • a diverse palette of beige shades: from light flesh, soft milky to dark coffee and thick brown.

Clothes in pearl, flesh, yellow-beige, pale pink, sand colors look noble and stylish. With the help of a color palette of light nude shades, you can create a sexy and sensual look.

nude palette

nude palette

Who will go for nude clothes

One of the advantages of nude color is that it suits women of any color type and age. An outfit in delicate natural colors allows you to look much younger than your years, so ladies of mature age often choose it.

The main thing is to choose the right tone in accordance with the features of appearance. When choosing the right tone, skin color should be taken into account. It is desirable that the nude shade be several tones lighter or darker than the skin tone.

Blondes with light eyes need to choose nude shades with cold notes (gray, pink undertones). To make the bow more expressive, it is recommended to complement the image with bright elements: makeup, accessories.

Brunettes will suit any shade from the nude color palette. But at the same time, too bright makeup and defiant accessories should be avoided.

Tanned girls can use warm shades (milk, coffee, ashy), emphasizing the tan.

Girls with light brown or green eyes can wear clothes in peach, powdery, pinkish-beige tones.

Stylists consider the ideal shade that most closely matches the natural skin tone. Thanks to this color, the image looks sexy and chaste at the same time.

And in a figure-hugging outfit, the illusion of a naked body is created. In such feminine clothes, any girl will attract attention, even if there are no bright colors in the outfit.

clothes for summer


What colors go with

When creating a nude look, it is not necessary to choose clothes in monochrome colors.

Nude color goes well with:

  • with classic colors – black, white;
  • with bright tones – raspberry, red, orange, yellow, light green;
  • with pastel shades – mint, sky blue, lilac;
  • with a colorful, rich palette – burgundy, sapphire, emerald;
  • with golden color.

Different nude shades complement each other well, combined in one bow.

The only thing that stylists do not recommend is to combine nude color with flashy acid and neon tones.

combination of beige and white

nude combinations

Nude color and combinations

Building a nude wardrobe

Nude is a universal color. With it, you can create a casual, festive or business look.

Many famous couturiers used the nude color palette to create dresses, blouses, tops, skirts, trousers, underwear in the summer season of 2020. From all these things you can make a basic wardrobe, demonstrating impeccable taste and style.


In the hot summer, a gentle, light dress is a must. Depending on the style, you can choose a model in nude shades for any occasion:

  • a discreet sheath dress is ideal for an office bow;
  • short chiffon products with open shoulders or an original collar are suitable for everyday wear;
  • a midi or maxi shirt dress will help create a casual look;
  • a cocktail dress is a great choice for a party.

An irresistible evening look is obtained in floor-length models with an open back. “Naked” nude color will give any girl sexuality and attractiveness.

nude color dress

dress in pastel colors


Nude color is a real find for sewing various skirts. The most concise and restrained styles, such as a pencil skirt or a-line, are suitable for creating a business bow.

Nude pleated skirts add romance and sophistication to your look. Models in nude color with frills, flounces look elegant and coquettish, perfect for dates or walks with friends.

nude skirt

Blouses, tops

Blouses, shirts, tops – an indispensable element of the wardrobe in the summer. They go well with both skirts and trousers.

Blouses made of light fabrics (chiffon, silk) made in delicate nude colors look especially organic.

In hot weather, tops with thin spaghetti straps will help out, and loose shirt-type blouses look harmoniously with “torn” jeans.

Products in natural colors will allow you to create a light and relaxed look that meets the fashion trends of the 2020 season. Some models can be supplemented with a print: polka dots, stripes, floral or floral patterns.

pink blouse


Wide trousers are in trend in the summer of 2020. Short culottes or long palazzos look equally chic in nude shades.

Culottes, complemented by a flying top and comfortable shoes, will draw attention to any girl.

Feminine palazzos made of airy fabric can be put on, going to the beach, right on the swimsuit. For an evening out in a restaurant, a set of trousers and an elegant jacket, combined with stilettos, is suitable.

Nude trousers

Pastel pants


Trouser or skirt suits are a classic style. A business suit may consist of straight trousers or a pencil skirt in combination with a jacket or vest. An elegant and stylish summer set will turn out from thick linen or dressing cotton in a nude color.

A light chiffon suit, consisting of a skirt with a blouse or a jacket with short sleeves, is suitable for an evening out. And delicate nude shades will give the image femininity, grace and special sophistication.


skirt suit

wedding dresses

Among the fashion trends of this summer season are wedding dresses using nude colors. At the same time, the wedding dress can be either in completely nude shades, or in combination with white. One of the options is a snow-white bodice and a light beige hem.

Separate elements of the outfit can be made in flesh color: veil, gloves, lace inserts on a satin dress. Wedding dress in nude style will emphasize the tenderness and femininity of the bride.

nude color dress


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