Nude makeup: rules and techniques

Stylish nude makeup requires the use of certain products and the implementation of mandatory rules. Let’s talk about the recommendations of makeup artists and top nude make-up ideas!

Key Rules

Makeup without makeup will follow the trends and not stand out from the general style, provided that the basic rules are followed. Makeup artists have created a memo that will help you master the trend technique perfectly.

  • The main mission of a nude style make-up is to create the illusion of a lack of makeup on the face. The right products and their combinations will make the image natural and attractive. At the same time, the nude style will enhance the expressiveness of facial features and the natural beauty of the owner. Magic outside of Hogwarts!

  • The colors of natural make-up remain unchanged over the years: a rich palette of beige, brown, pinkish, peach and golden shades is the priority.

  • Makeup in the nude style does not accept clear graphic lines – here smooth shading comes to the fore. If several shades are used, the borders between the tones are drawn in the form of a gentle gradient.

  • When creating fashion makeup, makeup artists use weightless and translucent textures, which, with their inherent lightness, can cope with corrective functions. A thick layer of cosmetics and the feeling of a mask are unequivocal taboos. Dense dry textures also need to be replaced – with cream and satin products.

  • To emphasize the natural beauty of the image, consider the color of the iris. So, nude makeup for brown eyes looks gorgeous with chocolate shades, and for green-eyed girls, shadows with a reddish undertone, such as peach or bronze, are suitable.

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How to make a beautiful nude make-up: step by step instructions for beginners

The starting point of beautiful nude makeup is well-groomed and healthy skin. Let’s be honest: few people got such wealth by nature, so suitable cosmetics and the power of make-up come to the rescue. The magic begins with the preparation of the skin – the foundation will lie better on a moistened base.

Corrector and concealer will mask minor imperfections and bruises under the eyes.

Instead of a dense foundation, makeup artists use lightweight BB and CC textures in a suitable shade. Ideally, if cosmetics contain small light-reflecting particles – if the radiance function is not provided, it is permissible to brush the face with a brush with a highlighter using the strobing technique for a delicate glow.

The effect of healthy and radiant skin is easy to create if you mix 50/50 liquid highlighter with foundation.

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Nude makeup for beginners step by step includes applying blush above the cheekbones in a refreshing peach or pink shade.

The inner corner of the eye illuminated with satin shadows will enhance the depth of the look.

Instead of the usual black in nude makeup, makeup artists use natural brown mascara. The growth line is emphasized with a thin shaded pencil – by no means a graphic eyeliner.

Nude lip makeup welcomes the combination of a transparent balm with a satin lipstick. A dense dark outline will not be appropriate. To create the desired effect, drive in the color pigment with your fingers or a brush.

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trendy nude makeup ideas

Light nude makeup looks stylish in bronze and brown shades. The trendy palette is perfect for brunettes with tanned skin.

Nude eye makeup is unthinkable without neat eyebrow shaping. Makeup artists advise shaping with a gel and adding a natural color for the expressiveness of the final make-up.

The photo shows nude makeup in a trendy monochrome style. The trend suggests using a single color throughout the make-up – for example, a delicate peach tone.

Nude makeup is fashionable to embody with the effect of wet lips. For a seductive effect, use pink glitter.

Nude makeup step by step takes a little time, refreshes the appearance and enhances the natural beauty. These are already at least 3 reasons to try out a new trend!

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