Nude manicure 2020: new items

To match fashion trendsprepared by experts for 2020 year, the girls will have to pay attention to nude manicure. Restraint, tenderness and conciseness are the main trends of the new season. Beautiful nail art, done in a neutral palette, can be easily combined with an image in any style and looks great on both long and short nails.


Features of a fashionable nude palette

The nude palette is rich in colors and shades, and is not limited to light powdery and beige tones. When creating a fashionable manicure, you can use delicate shades of coffee, blue, pink, gray.

Restrained pastel colors will be an excellent basis for creating a stylish design. In the new season, experts recommend taking a closer look at the following decor options:

  • rhinestones;
  • foil;
  • rub;
  • ombre;
  • marble;
  • geometry;
  • drawings.

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It is best to combine natural shades of nails with design in a minimalist style, or with brighter shades.

As for the length and shape of the nail plate, a light and delicate palette is perfect for any of them. Squarepointed, oval similar on almonds – such nails will become a real decoration for both everyday and festive bows.

Fancy Gradient

Ombre manicure has long been popular among fashionistas. It looks stylish and attractive in a nude palette. The nails look very neat and at the same time completely unbanal, attracting the attention of others.

If the usual transition from a more saturated color to a lighter one within one nail is boring, you can try a more original version. We are talking about using a nude palette of five shades close to each other at once. The finger-to-finger gradient within the same hand looks fresh and very attractive.

negative space

This non-banal technique is also extremely popular, but not yet in great demand among fashionistas. The essence of the design is to varnish the entire surface of the nail, leaving a small area unpainted. The area free from varnish can be of any shape and size – round, square, in the form of a feather, a butterfly, a flower, and so on.

original geometry

Geometric motifs in the new season will be very popular and in demand, not only in manicure, but also in clothes. When creating a stylish nude design, you should pay attention to:

  • lines of different colors and thicknesses;
  • squares and rectangles;
  • circles and ovals;
  • triangles;
  • various combinations of geometric shapes.

At the same time, the geometry is best done in white or black, the combination with blue, pink, gold and silver glitter looks interesting.

polka dots

Polka dots are also in trend this year in various areas of fashion and style. Nude manicure in white and black peas looks very original. In this case, you can paint each nail or only one or two fingers. Such an attractive print looks great on both glossy and matte surfaces.

small drawings

Small and neat drawings are what you need to diversify a manicure in a restrained palette. Contrasting birds, hearts and flowers can decorate one or several nails at once, creating a light spring mood and drawing the attention of others to the hands of a fashionista. Such a manicure looks interesting and original in a matte finish.

spring foliage

For spring and summer, nail art with the image of green leaves and even whole branches will be an ideal option. Fashionistas can use a bright saturated green color, or they can lay out leaves with rhinestones.

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Such trendy nude manicure it will be interesting to see how on shortand long nails, and become a real trend 2020 of the year.

Floral motifs

Flowers and buds, as in previous seasons, will be at the peak of popularity among nail salon masters. Such art can refresh any design, add attractiveness and femininity to the image.

[tds_note]Roses, cornflowers, fictional plants of various colors and shapes look great on a nude palette.[/tds_note]

Funny pictures

Bunny ears, eyes and eyelashes, cartoon characters – all this can be depicted on a gentle, restrained basis. In this case, it is best to give preference to black, which looks perfect on a beige canvas.

A fashionista can choose any pattern that best reflects her mood, style, and individual preferences.


A delicate nude palette goes well with the minimalist trend. A neat black dot at the bottom of each nail, black and red rectangles scattered in different places, crescents – all this will make a monochromatic manicure stylish and unusual.


Words and even whole phrases will become a real highlight of the modern image. Pay attention to the inscriptions made in contrasting colors, golden, silver. Complete the manicure with a small pebble or glitter. The main advantage of such a manicure is its originality and originality.


Despite the fact that rubbing on nails is not new, it still remains in demand and popular, especially in combination with a nude palette. And this is not surprising, because such a manicure looks incredibly attractive, stylish and original. Glitter or pearl rub is the perfect choice for a special occasion, date or wedding.

Quail eggs

Such manicureperformed on nude basis – stylish new 2020 year, which will take pride of place among fashion trends season. A similar pattern looks like an eggshell pattern and looks extremely original and fresh.

Liquid metal

Another interesting novelty of stylish delicate nail art is a manicure with a decor in the form of liquid metal. Outwardly, it seems that a drop of molten gold, platinum or silver has frozen on the nail. Such droplets of different shapes and sizes look incredibly natural and lively, so they go well with the nude palette.

Rhinestones, glitter

Shiny pebbles, sequins, kamifubuki, glitter – all this will make your image more vivid and attractive. So that the image does not turn out to be ordinary, take a closer look at the decor in the form of a ring on the nail or use non-standard shaped pebbles for decoration, for example, square ones.


The delicate palette is the perfect canvas for creating real paintings. Professional masters are able to depict landscapes and portraits on nails that will create a mood and make your hands irresistible and attractive.

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Pay attention to non-original drawings, such as a spring cityscape or a bicycle.

Gossamer combined with glitter

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