Nude manicure 2023

Nude manicure in accordance with the trends of the 2023 season is so versatile! In our selection of photos you will find elegant, romantic, daring and creative design options – each reader will pick up nail art to taste!

With gold

A noble version of a nude manicure with gold in the 2023 season involves the use of foil or sweatshirt in the form of elegant accents. Decor is welcome in splendid isolation or a combination with minimalistic patterns – for example, fashionable twigs and flowers.

There is a fashionable addition to the palette of beautiful nude manicure 2023 – varnishes with additional mother-of-pearl and enhanced gloss have been added to the milky and pinkish tones.


To fill the fashionable nude nail design 2023 with elegance and expressiveness will allow a gradient effect. This season, it is important to use a smooth, barely noticeable transition between 2-3 natural shades. For example, the image of a well-groomed and stylish lady will be complemented by a manicure with a 2023 gradient from a duet of milky and pink varnish.


Manicure trends 2023 are rich in minimalist designs with inherent conciseness and elegance. Noteworthy are geometric and abstract motifs, thin lines and minimalist stamping.

Plant motifs

Fashionable nude design with flowers claims to be the most feminine and elegant manicure of the 2023 season. Limit yourself to a few accents or design in the “different hands” technique – these are the most fashionable ideas of 2023.


The hot trend of nude manicure 2023-2024 is the use of shimmer particles in the coating as in the photo. A fashionable design can be realized in a matter of minutes – just choose a varnish with a light shimmer for the base coat.

Additional design is allowed, but optional – a sparkling manicure looks well-groomed and stylish in splendid isolation, and also fits into any look.

predatory print

Manicure with an animal print does not necessarily look pretentious and bright – the combination with nude varnish allows you to create a discreet and neat design.

The hot new animal nail art will be the turtle print on trendy nails 2023. Not just a leopard!


Among the trendy ideas for manicure 2023, charming hearts are also noticed, which are ideally combined with a nude base. The design with hearts promises to be not only a win-win manicure for February 14, 2023 – it will retain the title of favorite throughout the year, regardless of the level of romantic mood.


Among the fashionable novelties of manicure 2023, all kinds of textures are noticed, which are perfectly combined with the nude palette. The trend is imitation of marble, the texture of stones, wood and amber.

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Nude manicure 2023 is amazing using 3D technique. Volumetric stones, rhinestones and pearls look cool on a neutral basis. Masters love to embody the 3D effect with the help of thick gel polish: this technique looks very impressive.

different hands

A fashionable manicure in 2023 will turn out if you perform a different design on your hands. The masters are still advised to follow the unity of style – so that the result looks harmonious. For example, the leading color of nail art can become a connecting element.

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French nail design in 2023 is no longer classic and boring – non-standard versions of the familiar manicure are entering the fashion arena. The trend is different fantasies of fashionistas – a multi-colored or black smile, a modified form of edging, reverse jacket, micro jacket, adding decor and combining with other techniques.

Fashionable jacket 2023 is also decorated with a combination of different textures. The classic technique – a matte base and a glossy smile – is invariably in demand among fashionistas. The contrast of textures looks interesting, but it’s simple.

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Take on board the photos of the new nude manicure 2023 to choose your own design and masterfully combine different trends!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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