Nude manicure

Nude manicure or nude manicure is a trend in nail art that will never go out of style. The main secret of its demand lies in the naturalness and naturalness, and therefore in the widespread relevance. In other words, nails painted in delicate flesh tones will always be on a special note for fashionistas. Well, we, in turn, will talk about the features of this nail art and show you a photo with the most original ideas for design. Go!


Features of body manicure

The hero of our today’s article – nude nail art – has a lot of advantages. And we list the most important of them below.

  • Nude manicure looks equally good on nails of any length.

  • He is unpretentious in care. And even made in haste, it will still look neat.
  • Nude is very good for everyday wear. But it can also become part of the evening look.
  • For girls with beautiful hands, a flesh-colored manicure is a great opportunity to emphasize this dignity.

  • It is also an ideal solution for women of absolutely any age.
  • Delicate flesh shades of varnish are perfectly combined with any other popular colors.
  • And finally, it is very easy to bring almost any design to life on a nude finish.

Great youth option

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Important! Skin-colored nails visually look longer and more refined. So, this is a great option for those fashionistas who are dissatisfied with the shape of their nail plate.


nude shades

Of course, the color palette of skin tones is not very extensive. But it also needs to be understood.

  • Salmon. One of the most popular shades today, created from orange-pink tones.

  • Muted peach. Very gentle and completely discreet color.
  • smoky rose. A calm and really cute shade that will appeal to all lovers of the pink palette.

  • Creamy. Soft and very natural shade. It is especially popular with girls with fair skin, as it has the same tone with it.
  • Ivory. This nude can be called the most sought after. It suits absolutely everyone.
  • Pale lilac. A great option for purple lovers.
  • Sienna. A dirty gray shade, which, however, has its admirers. Perfect for an office look.

  • Powder color. We think there is nothing to comment on here, everything is clear.

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Important! As you can see, nail art in nude shades is not only a banal beige. However, it should be remembered that all light colors get dirty very quickly, especially on the hands. That is why you need to remember to regularly take care of them and wipe them from dust and dirt.


Design Ideas

Now let’s move on to the most interesting and talk about ideas for nude manicure. And to make the information easier to perceive, we have also prepared photos that will help you decide on the preferred design.

Monochrome variant

Yes, a monophonic manicure can hardly be called outstanding. However, it also has its charms. So, it is perfect for those fashionistas who adhere to strictness and asceticism in their views on life.

Pattern on one or two nails

It is also a very restrained version, which is close to monochrome. To create small drawings on one or two nails, while the rest will simply be covered with gel polish – this is perhaps the most modest design that you can think of. However, for a natural nude manicure, this is the very thing.

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Nude french manicure

French is a classic of nail art. Initially, it was created in those natural shades that we are talking about today. That is why it would be a crime not to include it in our selection. So, as stylists recommend, to get as close to the classics as possible, the main part of the nail should be varnished in a beige or pink shade. And leave the ends always white. Only in this case, the jacket in nude tones will look the most expressive and elegant.

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Important! When creating a jacket, you should not cover your nails with cream-colored varnish, or baked milk, as in this case you can get an unpleasant yellowing effect.



Matte nail-art is now at the peak of popularity. It will stay there throughout 2019. So, if you also decided to join him, then now is the time. It should be noted that this “velvet” trend looks great in nude shades. Many fashionistas who have tried matte nails at least once begin to prefer them to glossy ones. The mat looks expressive in a monochrome version, as well as with a design. But, here the main thing is not to make a mistake with the accompanying shade and be careful with decor elements so that the manicure does not look overloaded.

Skin tones combined with black

This is a fairly contrasting option that looks especially impressive on long nails. This combination is perfect for any image, and there can be many options for its implementation. For example, on a monophonic nude base, draw black ornate patterns with a thin brush. Or cover the fingers with these two types of varnish, where two nails will be black and three will be flesh. The main thing here is to understand that since the manicure is nude, then black should become its complement, and not suppress it.

Cute and elegant at the same time

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nude with gold

Nude manicure combined with golden glitter will look great in all cases and even on short nails (see photo). This design, however, like any of those described here, can be called universal. That is why it should be used in all cases of life.

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Important! Nail-art with gold is recommended for the New Year 2019. This shade will appeal to the capricious Earth Piggy, and the precious sparkle will bring wealth to your life.


Nude nail art with rubbing

Another fashion trend that girls all over the world are just going crazy about. By itself, the rub on the nails looks very original. And if you use flesh-colored varnishes for the base, then be prepared to get a very delicate and stunningly beautiful nail-art that will simply delight everyone around. The most popular in this direction is pearl rubbing. Especially it is in demand among brides and in winter.

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This is a type of decor that will probably never lose its relevance. A manicure with rhinestones and in natural skin tones will make its owner very feminine. True, mindlessly sticking crystals on the nail is still not worth it. It is better to take your time and think carefully about some unusual design that will emphasize your individuality and will not overload the image. And if you are having trouble with ideas, then look at the photo below.

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