nut diet

One of the most popular and common diets is nut. After all, these fruits contain vitamins such as A, E, P and B, as well as all kinds of trace elements: iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium.

If there are no significant health problems, you can simply try to arrange a fasting day for yourself, eating nuts alone. During the day, you just eat nuts in the amount of 100 gr., You can drink a few cups of green tea.

In large quantities, nuts are poorly absorbed, so you should not use more than 100-150 grams. per day. It is also worth noting that roasted nuts are absorbed by the body more easily.

For those who want to lose weight, there are several options for nut diets.

The first option is very simple. During breakfast, you add any 2-3 nuts to the cooked porridge.

The following three-day diet will help you get rid of three to five extra pounds. Such products are excluded from use: sugar, salt, various spices and of course alcohol. During the day you eat like this: boiled fish or boiled chicken meat – 100g. Vegetables – one tomato or one cucumber, 50 gr. any nuts, preferably raw. You can drink green tea or non-carbonated mineral water during the diet.

A good way to lose weight is a five-day nut diet. It will allow you to lose from 0.5 to 1kg. per day. To the products described in the three-day diet, you add dairy or sour-milk products, in the amount of 100 ml.

The most effective, for weight loss, ten-day nut diet. Its main feature is that meat and fish dishes are completely excluded from the diet. During the day, eat like this: for breakfast 1 apple, 3-4 walnuts (or any other) nuts and 100g. cottage cheese. For lunch, the same products as for breakfast. For dinner you drink 0.5 liters. milk or kefir and eat 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

Another very interesting nut-fruit diet. It is used for three days. From nuts, it is better to take hazelnuts or walnuts. Fruits need to pick up sour-sweet or sour. For breakfast, drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice and eat 3-4 nuts. For lunch, eat about 300g. fruits. For dinner, again a glass of juice and nuts. Do not abuse such a diet for more than 3-4 days.

If you want to include nuts in your daily diet, know that it is best to include them before lunch and eat no more than 2-3 nuts per day.

Nuts are a unique plant product that, when used correctly, can bring tremendous benefits to the body. The main thing is to know the measure and not to exceed the number of nuts eaten more than 50-100g. in a day.

The walnut kernel is also recommended for people with physical or mental fatigue, weight loss, after a difficult birth or illness. Nursing mothers and slowly developing, weakly gaining weight children.

Peanuts are considered the most popular among nuts, because of their low calorie content. It is also called “peanut”. Using about 100g. peanuts a day, you can get rid of insomnia or even add shine to your hair. This nut also improves the functioning of the liver, heart and nervous system.

Pine nuts are perfect for everyone. They are very easy to digest because they do not have fiber. This nut has a good effect on strengthening the immune system, as well as increase potency and libido.

A large amount of protein is found in hazelnuts. In general, it slows down the aging process of the whole organism, it is very useful for obesity. Good for varicose veins.

Try to choose the right nut diet for you. After all, only then, there is a guarantee of maximum benefit from it. Health to you.

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