Office fashion anti-trends 2020

Today our focus is on office fashion antitrends 2020 of the year. You will find out which models you should forget about, as well as what new products should be replaced in order to look stylish and relevant even within a strict dress code.

This is no longer worn to the office.

tight suits

Of course, trouser suits are an essential base for office style, as they have excellent practicality and versatility. But if you want your favorite set to be not only comfortable, but also relevant, be sure to consider current fashion trends.

So, the fashion of the 2020 season categorically refuses dark and tight styles. For example, this year it would be time to get rid of the ensemble, which consists of a fitted jacket and tight trousers with a low fit – this is the most obvious example of an anti-trend that cannot be justified.

We believe that women of fashion will be able to say goodbye to such costumes without regret, because they could not boast of unconditional convenience. For example, it was always difficult to choose a bottom under a tight-fitting jacket, because they were combined only with tight blouses and shirts, which, by the way, are also included in the list of 2020 anti-trends.

A fresh interpretation of the trouser set is a more comfortable loose fit, on the basis of which you can create many stylish looks. For example, in the 2020 season, a fashionista will definitely not be mistaken if she relies on high-waisted trousers and an elongated oversized jacket (possibly with a belt at the waist).

Sophisticated jackets

Calculating an old-fashioned jacket in a large assortment is quite simple – it can have a tight or fitted cut, a shortened length, an active decor, a complex cut, as well as buttons or zippers in place of the fastener. Any of the above criteria will be a strong argument for saying goodbye to the anti-trend and picking up a more relevant novelty for it.

Another old-fashioned detail in the cut of a jacket is a shortened or gathered sleeve. In the 2020 season, there are no half measures – only comfortable and convenient sleeves of classic length.

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Since modern fashion strives for minimalism, a stylish jacket should also be appropriate. For example, you will definitely not go wrong if you pick up a laconic elongated jacket with a spacious straight cut. Just let it be from a fairly dense texture – flimsy jackets that look more like cardigans have already gone out of fashion.

Tight shirts

It is not difficult to guess that tight shirts and blouses also suffered the fate of the anti-trend, like all other tight-fitting clothing models. In the 2020 season, it is better to choose top variations for yourself that have a fairly loose fit. Of course, a sense of proportion is welcomed in office fashion, so you shouldn’t get too carried away with the oversized trend either.


The abundance of details in the cut of office clothes in most cases looks out of date and old-fashioned. For example, dresses and blouses with active frills are a striking example of an anti-trend – such decoration has not been on fashion shows for many years. But the designers left us ruffles and bows in the neck area – if such decorative techniques are combined with the current cut, they perfectly add variety to the office style.


The peplum as a decorative technique has also hopelessly lost its relevance. Accordingly, if you have blouses or dresses with such an element of decoration in your office wardrobe, it’s time to get rid of them.

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The only exception to this rule is a false peplum, which is attached at the waist like a belt. Such an accessory really looks stylish and brings a fashionable variety to any office outfit.

Lantern sleeves

In general, accent sleeves are considered an unconditional trend of the 2020 season, but stylists have accumulated a number of complaints about flashlights specifically. Trend connoisseurs argue that a similar cut of sleeves for tight shirts and blouses spoils the whole office look because of its outdatedness.

Quite another thing is the long voluminous sleeves and the cut of the bishop. This silhouette reveals itself perfectly in loose white shirts and harmoniously fits into most office ensembles.

Pencil skirt

A classic pencil skirt has the right to exist in the current office wardrobe if it has a length below the knee, an oversized fit and a dense texture that perfectly retains its shape. But with models that do not meet the stated criteria, you can say goodbye without regret.

Short skirts

Even now we are not talking about the fact that short skirts, in principle, contradict the dress code of many reputable companies. In addition to their frank appearance, such models also look old-fashioned.

If you follow the current collections in the office style, you will notice one interesting feature – almost all fashionable skirts are now presented in a straight or loose cut with a midi length. Of the decorative elements, a vertical cut or wrap style is welcome. Also, a fashionista will not get bored with a rich palette of trendy prints.

Suit with a skirt

A feminine and elegant suit with a skirt loudly burst into the world of trends for the 2020 season, which made many fashionistas very happy. However, not every such ensemble deserves the attention of business ladies. For example, they can definitely ignore the combination of a cropped fitted jacket and a tight skirt. But the combination of a straight bottom and an elongated free top is definitely a win-win solution this season!

Thin straps

This office bow is categorical antitrend because of the old-fashioned combination of a tight skirt and a thin strap. In general, such an accessory has now practically gone out of fashion, giving way to classic medium belts. And the latter are less and less common in skirt harnesses – it is now important to mix belts with high trousers or loose jackets.


In the 2020 season, it’s time to cross out of the status of a basic office wardrobe and tight vests – the same ones that were previously combined with a matching skirt and a tight shirt.

However, in general, such a practical element of clothing as a vest is too early to discount. He has every right to exist in an elongated free cut. Each business woman can decide for herself: wear a vest in a relaxed way or combine it with a belt at the waist.

Trousers with arrows

in number office clotheswhich went out of fashion in 2020 year, you can also include trousers with arrows. Despite its neutral design, this style can easily become an anti-trend due to its tight fit and low waist. Such a decorative element as an ironed arrow in 2020 appears only on loose styles, but they are most often performed without any embellishments.

Sheath dress

It seemed that a sheath dress is an integral classic of office fashion, why on earth is it included in the list of anti-trends? But modern stylists…

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