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Oh sport, you are the world: velvet suits are back in trend in summer 2020

Velvet is a material that fashionistas and designers have always loved. It is comfortable, velvet suits are practical, as they hardly wrinkle, they always look great and at the same time do not require special care. Velvet softly fits the body, allowing the skin to “breathe”, so it is often used for tailoring tracksuits. Today, they have become so beautiful that they do not have to be worn exclusively to the gym. In summer, you can walk the streets in them and even go on a date in any of them.

velvet suit

Popular Models

Velvet sports sets suitable for summer street fashion can be:

  • jacket paired with trousers;
  • jacket and shorts;
  • sweatshirt in combination with a skirt.

bright velvet suit

You should choose a set based on your own preferences and features of the figure. Slim girls, for example, will go for a short skirt.

velvet suit with skirt

For those with a heavier build, consider wearing a longer sweatshirt and not too tight pants.

velvet tracksuit

With a skirt

Models with a skirt are a good alternative to loose dresses made of soft fabrics, such as a noodle dress. In this set, you can go to a cafe or to meet with friends. The color scheme is most often plain blue, black, dark purple models.

velvet suit

But you can meet a fashionista in a bright pink velvet suit. Green and blue velvet sets are also good.

velvet suit with skirt

You can combine a velvet suit with a skirt:

  • with sneakers;
  • slip-ons;
  • sneakers;
  • ballet flats;
  • sandals.

The latter combination requires a well-developed sense of style, so you should carefully select model shoes for a tracksuit.

sport suit

With pants and shorts

Pants and shorts are chosen by the fair sex, leading an active lifestyle. Very young people love mini-shorts.

velvet suit with shorts

Older women feel as comfortable as possible in sports trousers.

crimson suit

Such sets are often sewn from velvet in two or three shades, sometimes complementing each other, sometimes in contrasting colors.

two-tone suit

Fashionable geometric shapes and light lines, stripes on a dark background.

velvet tracksuit

Sports shoes are well suited for these sets, it is better not to wear classic ballet flats.


A summer suit made of velvet, intended for publication, is decorated with appliqués, unusual patterns and rhinestones.

patterned velvet suit

embroidered velvet suit

Colored inserts and the ever-fashionable leopard print look great on a crimson background.

velvet suit with colored inserts

The velvet suit is gaining popularity because it gives a feeling of freedom on hot days and warms on cool ones. Each fashionista will easily find the model that suits her best, you just need to decide on your preferences. Modern fashion is democratic, it easily turns a sporty look into the most romantic bow.

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