Oksana Fedorova told the simple rules for choosing a name for a child

Oksana Fedorova taught her Instagram followers how to choose the right name for a child.

Oksana says that the name is very important for every person, it indirectly affects our future destiny and character. The name of the child forms a vibrational field, with the help of which personal space is formed. Therefore, Oksana advises to decide on the name in advance and approach this issue with all seriousness.

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Publication from Oksana Fedorova Mezzo-Soprano (@fedorovaoksana)

There are a few simple rules, explains Fedorova, with which you can choose a name for the baby: in honor of the saints whose holidays coincide with the child’s birthday, do not follow fashion trends, give the baby a name that will be consonant with the patronymic and surname.

Fedorova reminds parents of the responsibility that lies with them, because the name of the child should be such that his peers do not tease him and it sounds pleasant from the lips of people close to you. That is how Oksana, together with her husband, chose a name for her son, calling him Fedor.

Oksana is interested in how her readers chose a name for their child.

Oksana’s fans shared stories that contributed to the choice of the name. Some had a dream in which a child with a certain name was walking, for one mother, the name itself came to mind as soon as she found out about the pregnancy. And some simply named the baby after themselves or their beloved relatives. And everyone is sure that the name of his child is the most beautiful.

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