Olaplex (Olaplex) for hair: care and restoration of the structure

Olaplex for hair is the latest development of American chemical engineers aimed at restoring the molecular system of the hair as a whole. The authors of the work do not fully disclose the formula of the active element, but it works enough. Olaplex occupies a leading position among the products of a highly professional cosmetic line.

Renowned scientists Eric Presley and Craig Hawker, studying and researching a significant number of cosmetic products, came to the consensus that there is no ideal product that would completely restore and heal the structure of the hairline. It was these studies that inspired biologists to the laborious process of creating a drug that was perfect in everything. The work of chemists began with the study of the structure of hairs, bulbs, roots and internal structure.

A long process of work has proved that the hair system consists of a link of a number of amino acids, 97% is keratin protein. Over time, the integrity of the structure is damaged. This is facilitated by washing, dyeing, blow-drying, or exposure to some kind of chemical agent, such as shampoo, balm, or the use of an unnatural mask. Hair becomes dull, sparse, healthy shine disappears, the ends begin to break off.

Biologists have done their best to restore the chain links of carboxylic and amide acids. Thanks to a clear path, a clear strategy, the right approach, an unusually perfect Olaplex product appeared on the market, in which the basis is the only molecular formula of Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol dimaleate.

The distinctive composition of Olaplex

There are no aggressive chemical components in the cosmetic composition of Olaplex. A distinctive characteristic is the presence of disulfide bonds capable of restoring the structural scheme of the hair with a guaranteed indicator.

  • Restoration of brilliance and vitality;
  • Improving texture and strength, the ability to resist physical stress;
  • Elasticity returns, the ability to stretch and return to the original length;
  • Porosity, hygroscopicity and electrostaticity increase.

The product does not contain organic aldehyde groups, amino alcohols, phthalic acid derivatives, silicone fragrances and sulfuric acid salts. The manufacturer fully guarantees the safety of the product.

Olaplex is patented, approved and approved by worldwide quality services. The tool can be used as a standalone product, it can also be added to staining procedures or other activities.

For convenient use, special kits have been created:

  1. Olaplex Bond Multiplier. It is added to the mixture of paint and blond, already when the dye is applied, the agent begins to work actively, producing a therapeutic effect. Protects hair from the harmful effects of oxidizing agents, immerses an individual hair into a capsule form.
  2. Olaplex Bond Perfector. Completely fixes and fixes the achieved color, increasing the safety much more than a conventional product. The drug is applied after the staining procedure, being more like a fixing emulsion.
  3. Olaplex Hair Perfection. An effective remedy for regular home and independent use. Protects and restores curls from any negative damage.

Mechanism of drug efficacy

The Olaplex complex at a high level improves the status of the hair, restoring and reviving from the inside. Curls are transformed, become more elastic, moisturized, healthy, strong, silky.

The result was obtained not only from the outside, but the internal structure was completely changed:

  • Roots and hair follicles are optimally nourished.
  • Blood circulation improves, leading to the stimulation of growth and the birth of new young hairs.
  • The sebaceous glands of the head have a uniform distribution.
  • Irritation, discomfort disappear completely.
  • Increases the lifespan of healthy and beautiful hair.

The use of a cosmetic product completely eliminates the negative effect. Olaplex has grown in popularity due to its powerful benefits and results.

Purpose of the hair product

Olaplex is shown to almost everyone without exception. Of course, it will be effective when dyeing in light colors, ideal for blondes, returning damaged hair to perfect condition. Olaplex acts immediately, encapsulating and enveloping each hair, reliably covering the scalp with a protective layer. The product also works with normal use, for example, with repeated shampooing. Daily care will help restore and renew the hair follicle, the full length of all hair, giving lightness, airiness and softness.

First of all, Olaplex will help with the condition of the hair:

  • thin, thin, brittle;
  • lack of volume and healthy appearance;
  • decrease in elasticity;
  • frequent aggressive washes and merciless clarification;
  • regular use of perm.

Tasks performed by the Olaplex tool:

  • improvement of blood flow, regeneration and stimulation of the entire skin;
  • elimination of the negative impact of all chemicals and agents;
  • creating an impeccable healthy and natural state;
  • protection of hair from the action of ultraviolet rays;
  • giving additional volume from the roots;
  • full protection against sticking and overdrying of hair.

Olaplex flawlessly allows you to style your hair in any shape and hairstyle. Allows you to quickly realize any creative fantasies. The natural composition of the product strengthens the structure of the hair, filling it with strength and health. Hair becomes obedient, renewed, this is proved by numerous reviews and recommendations from professionals.


Olaplex, thanks to its excellent performance, has won one of the leading positions in the cosmetic market. You can buy the drug only through official representatives representing the interests of this cosmetic company. Trading company Authentica is the official reseller of the Olaplex hair care line. An online store of this company has also been created, which you need to pay special attention to. You cannot purchase the product on the pages of websites of other companies. A fake product will not bring much harm, but there can be no proven effect either.

Recognition of clients and professionals

When you open a new product, you always get constant anxiety. All difficulties disappear when you get the achieved result. Numerous customer reviews, stylists prove that Olaplex makes the world a better place. The hair product works with maximum capabilities to become necessary for all people. Keeps healthy, happy…

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