Old money style: you will want to try a new trend!

The old money women’s style is rapidly gaining momentum and finding more and more fans. We tell you what the aesthetics of the new trend is and how to dress in the direction of “quiet luxury” – even if you are not the heiress of the royal nobility.

Aesthetics of old money style

The origins of the direction originate in America: it was there that brands began to focus on the classic and expensive style that was preferred by the “golden youth” with their parents. The elite needed clothes that would correspond to a high social status, but not shout about it.

Such simplicity with a touch of luxury has become a separate trend in the fashion industry. The “old money” style embodies the images of girls and boys who received wealth and a high standard of living already at birth.

Images in the spirit of “old money style” suggest impeccably high quality clothing. There can be no compromises – noble expensive textures are in priority. The choice falls on cotton, linen, cashmere, wool and silk. Such clothes, by definition, serve for many years, therefore it is considered a win-win investment in women’s wardrobe.

Looks that look expensive combine the characteristic features of the “old money” trend – concise design, premium knitwear, a basic palette of shades.

How to dress like old money without spending too much

An important old money style code is a neutral color palette. Screaming accents and bold prints do not belong here. To create an expensive look, combine basic shades of the same temperature – 2-3 color participants are enough. Of the prints, stripes and discreet polka dots are acceptable, but colorful drawings and logomania are prohibited.

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The summer wardrobe of old money is dominated by light shades that are read as expensive and elegant. Monochrome ensembles in such a range look especially elegant.

Dressing in the style of “old money” will help the desire for timeless design of things that always looks elegant and relevant. The secret of a luxurious look is in simple classic silhouettes, clear shapes and a noble palette.

A distinctive feature of this style is luxurious minimalism and the desire for exquisite conciseness. Luxurious knitwear often becomes the basis of a sophisticated look with a touch of good taste. Positions in the basic wardrobe deserve a short-sleeved polo, a pullover with a V-neck, a vest and a turtleneck sweater.

Suits are guaranteed to fit into the “old money” capsule: woolen in a deep shade and calm design, classic trousers and a tweed set in the spirit of Channel. The latter, by the way, is interesting to style in a modern interpretation: a jacket with jeans, a skirt with a turtleneck.

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Another obligatory attribute of a girl with great taste is a shirt made of a dense texture that retains its shape. The basic model can be tucked into trousers, left loose or combined with a jumper draped over the shoulders.

Ideal shoes in the style of “old money” are pumps, loafers, white sneakers, mules, and leather boots with a stable heel.

Dresses in the style of “old money” are distinguished by a neutral style and versatile design. Rich girls choose to cut a case or a shirt, and also do not mind knitted models that obediently retain their shape. For skirts, pencil, straight cut and A-line styles are preferred.

Pants can be either straight or loose, but arrows are desirable on both models. In the company of trousers, tweed jackets, classic cut jackets, shirts, long sleeves, pullovers are selected.

When choosing old money outerwear, stylists recommend betting on the classics – for example, a long woolen coat with a double-breasted collar.

An important role in the style of “quiet luxury” is played by accessories – they put the final point in the existing impression. You can decorate the resulting bow with a silk scarf, pearl earrings, sunglasses, satin elastic, a neat necklace, a gold watch or a wide leather belt.

The style of the icons of the past can inspire aesthetic outfits. The right atmosphere in the image was able to create Princess Diana, who made the classics comfortable.

Women’s clothing style “old money” is a story about elegance, a conscious approach to the wardrobe and sophisticated taste. This direction determines aesthetics and comfort, so it can be reflected in any women’s wardrobe.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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