Olive oil for stretch marks: will it help?

Time for beauty is a nasty enemy, it knows no mercy. Its mission is to spread wrinkles and stretch marks. Unfortunately, most of all, the female category is subject to aging. The reason for such an unfair reaction lies in the fast and irregular lifestyle of the fair sex.

Sweets, diets, as a result of which the leather elements constantly change shape, as well as the stresses received while spinning like a squirrel on a wheel and pregnancy, contributes to premature stretching of the skin. And at a time when there is no necessary density between the skin and the bulk of the body, fat deposits appear. Such an action after itself causes great damage to smooth skin. Cells containing fat increase reactively, rapidly stretches the skin and the structure hangs.

If a person tries to fight it, that is, otherwise, nothing good is expected, only additional stretch marks. Of all the above, only pregnancy deserves such sacrifices.

How Olive Oil Works

The “science” of dealing with skin stretching has been known since ancient times. In different epochs and in different nations, indescribable acts were performed in search of youth, like bathing in milk or praying on the full moon. However, the ideal result in this case was led by Greece and Spain, using olive fruit oils. There is a legend about the beautiful women of Greece, who did not succumb to age until death.

As you know, olive oil contains oleic acid, which belongs to the fatty acids of the omega 9 group, it is lighter than water and the main property is insolubility in water. When an oily liquid has the advantage of insolubility in water, it does not complement as a fatty layer, but instead swallows them from the inside. At the same time providing the whole body with oil. This oleic acid makes up 70% of olive oil. There are other sources of this acid, and even somewhere its percentage is higher. But the choice should be olive oil, because more than 70% of the fatty acid in the products consumed makes the resource close to the quality of trans fats.

Omega-3 carboxylic linolenic acid literally destroys all the slag between cells, cleanses the pores of the skin structure. Moreover, it normalizes the work of the vessel, prevents the stress of the body in case of a strict diet. Here the word “diet” should not cause fear, since in order to get rid of stretch marks it cannot be avoided. And only fatty acids of the Omega-3 class protect the nervous system and other body channels that are easily susceptible to illness.

And finally, the high content of vitamin E in olive oil smoothes out stretch marks on the skin. Vitamin E tends to restore the stockiness of the skin. She collects the stretched structure and glues it together. Thus, the density of the skin surface is restored.

Collapsible use of the composition

On the question of the implementation of the use of each element of the composition of olive oil separately, the answer is negative. A simple example: the use of vitamin E without acids, that is, without clearing the cells of fat, will not give any positive result. And it is impossible for anyone to collect the right combination of two acids.

Only in olive oil is the perfect combination of three components to smooth out the worn skin of the human body. Of course, someone may try to look for acids in other sources, but collecting the necessary items separately is the work of an entire laboratory. Even if someone succeeds, the slightest inconsistency in the composition can significantly damage health.

The process of fighting stretched skin

The use of olive oil against skin stretching implements two methods.

Internal reception, that is, olive oil should replace all oily products in the kitchen. This technique frightens many and even raises the question of a sandwich. Example: Spread one teaspoon of olive oil on a piece of bread and cook in the toaster as usual. In fact, toast with olive oil is very tasty, much better than butter.

  • Using olive oil to make a salad is not difficult, it can be added to any salad that is in line with a healthy lifestyle. Here the question of mayonnaise, in principle, can not be.
  • For a hot dish, this oil can be used both during frying and after cooking. It works well in place of sauce for boiled rice, pasta and even dumplings. Olive oil after consumption is digested completely, does not leave any fatty deposits.
  • The most important thing is to cleanse the body. Every morning on an empty stomach, a teaspoon of oil is consumed. And to whom the use of oil gives discomfort, it is allowed to take, mixing with water. The uniqueness of the composition of olive oil will not lose its properties, since the constituent acids do not dissolve in water and retain all functional duties.

Reception from the outside:

  • The process is allowed to start with a hot bath. For such a reception, two tablespoons of olive oil are enough. In this procedure, the oily layer that pulls the skin relaxes and opens up the opportunity to fight. This is quite a nice little business that has a big impact on the treatment.
  • The second stage is scrubbing. Here you can use different options. For example: if you mix olive oil with bath salt, you get a real scrub and, as you know, the thicker the better. The next set is a combination of olive oil and honey. This composition is for those who are categorical of harsh treatment of their skin. The use of such a mixture is not difficult. You just need to massage the places with stretch marks. This ceremony dissolves and pushes the debris out. And of course it must be thoroughly washed out of the body.
  • It is desirable to complete this work by applying olive oil to the body in a very thin layer. But many do not like this option, and they prefer to add it to the body cream. But the application of the oil itself will provide greater efficiency.

Here is the result

Such a difficult procedure will give positive changes in the skin in 1.5-2 months. If you pay attention to the period when the skin was damaged, this is not a very long time.

But the impatient can resort to plastic surgery. Of course, it will give an immediate result, for this you just need to pay a round sum and sleep. But this method, as many know, is not harmless. Once putting themselves under the knife for the sake of beauty, everyone who goes through this runs the risk of being regular customers of this area. Fillers that are found require constant change. And even the presence of such an element in the body is detrimental to health. Moreover, such a beautiful result will only lead to early aging of not only the skin, but …

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