Olive oil on an empty stomach: how to drink, benefits and harms

For a long time, olive tree oil has been treated with respect, considering it an elixir that keeps youth and health. The greenish hue of freshly squeezed oil gradually becomes golden amber with a pleasant bitter taste. The unique qualities of oil on an empty stomach have been talked about for a long time, because of the fully digestible mineral components and vitamins present in its composition.

Taking oil on an empty stomach enriches the body with monounsaturated fatty acids (Omega-9), protecting against heart disease and the occurrence of sclerotic plaques. Normalizes the digestive system, removes cholesterol, strengthens bones, helps build cells, strengthens the immune system.

A storehouse of useful components


The uniqueness of the oil is determined by the presence of valuable vitamin and mineral qualities:

  • vitamin A: 100 g of oil is provided with 0.03 mg of retinol. A significant antioxidant that maintains vision in the right state, affects the elastic state of the skin, strong immunity.
  • nicotinamide: 100 g of oil contains 0.1 mg of B-3. Considered the vitamin of calmness. Participation in amino acid metabolism helps to generate sugar and fat into energy.
  • the content of 0.5 mg of ascorbic acid in 100 g of oil protects the immune system, protects against colds.
  • 0.05 mg of K-vitamin was found in 100 g of oil. Participates in metabolic processes occurring throughout the body, helps to absorb calcium and vitamin D. It is called “antihemorrhagic”.
  • the presence of 5 mg of vitamin E, a strong antioxidant, in 100 g of oil, stops the wear and tear of the body, maintains the functioning of the gonads, prevents cataracts, oncology, vascular problems, and supports the immune system.


  • Sodium, 350 mg per 100 g. This mineral delivers glucose to cells, helps metabolic processes.
  • Potassium, 95 mg per 100 g. Controls the activity of the nervous system, heart health, enriches the body with oxygen, affects the physical activity of the body.
  • Calcium, 70 mg per 100 g. Forms bones, tooth enamel, participates in the processes of excitation and inhibition of the brain, is involved in the contraction of skeletal and cardiac muscles.
  • 25 mg Mg per 100 g oil. It is a fuel material in the assimilation of K and Ca. Stabilizes the rhythm of the heart, maintains pressure: intracranial, arterial, lowers cholesterol, relieves chronic fatigue.
  • Phosphorus, 20 mg per 100 g. Helping the respiratory process, fermentation processes, contraction of all muscles, and the activity of the whole organism.


Preventive care for heart disease

For its unique composition, oil is compared with gold. On an empty stomach, the body absorbs it immediately by 100%. The composition of olive oil includes 80% oleic acid, which is a panacea for a great many diseases:

  • cholesterol levels are markedly reduced when oil is consumed on an empty stomach;
  • oleic acid blocks the formation of sclerotic plaques inside blood vessels, blood clots, which makes them elastic;
  • oleic acid helps to normalize blood pressure, having a positive effect on blood circulation;
  • prevents stroke and heart attack;

Help the digestive system

Taking a tablespoon on an empty stomach, the oil provides an invaluable service to the body.

  1. The digestive system responds favorably to the action of the oil, cleansing the body of slagging and harmful accumulations of unnecessary substances.
  2. Heals stomach and intestinal ulcers.
  3. As a laxative, it treats constipation.
  4. The rare quality of oil on an empty stomach is to help the gallbladder in getting rid of stones.
  5. The vitamin and mineral composition of the oil is beneficial for the pancreas.

The fight against oncology

Spanish scientists conducted experiments with the constituent components of the oil. During the research period, they proved that the first pressing of the oil is rich in setoiridoid, which inhibits the development of the Her2 gene by 20-30%. A gene affects oncology of female mammary glands. Secoiridoid prevents the formation of proteins that feed the tumor, influencing its self-destruction.

Squalene, a component that supplies the human body with oxygen, was identified in the oil. This substance, called “vitamin oxygen”, is often used to enhance the effect of chemotherapy.

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The positive effect of oil on body functions

With olive oil on an empty stomach, health and good mood are guaranteed.

  1. A balanced vitamin composition helps the sex glands to stay in a healthy mode. The complex of vitamins normalizes the work of the prostate glands and ovaries, which resumes a full sexual life.
  2. The value of the substances of dietary oil, its similarity to the milk of a nursing mother, form the cells of the brain, nerves and bones of the developing fetus. The oil helps a woman recover after childbirth.
  3. A daily serving of oil on an empty stomach is good for bone health. There is an accumulation of minerals in the bones that retain calcium, preventing osteoporosis and strengthening them.
  4. The positive effect of polyphenol, a plant pigment, a natural antioxidant found in oil, keeps sugar levels normal, preventing diabetes.
  5. The monounsaturated acid in the oil plays the role of an immunomodulator, protecting the body from viruses. And polyphenols, preventing cell destruction, minimize inflammatory processes.
  6. Only cold-pressed oil retains oleocanthal, a substance similar to aspirin, contributing to the rapid process of tissue regeneration with damage, pain relief, and the removal of inflammatory processes.
  7. Oil on an empty stomach cleanses the brain well of proteins, beta-amyloids, which destroy neurons, and subsequently affect mental disorders, the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

The usefulness of oil for the internal and external state of the body

Taking oil on an empty stomach in the morning is the easiest and cheapest way to stay capable, attractive and beautiful for a long time.

  • Ideally combining vitamins with minerals, the oil stops the aging process, relieves sclerosis, and prolongs youth.
  • Antioxidants, destroying free radicals, help smooth wrinkles, and the skin can remain fresh, supple, and elastic for a long time.
  • Morning intake of oil an hour before meals eliminates unnecessary kilograms, helps to lose weight, thanks to the speed of metabolic processes. Absorbs fats very quickly. And acids inform the brain about the satiety of the body. This information blocks the desire for hunger.


Why on an empty stomach?

To use a portion of oil on an empty stomach every day means to replenish the body with the daily norm of all the necessary nutrients the body needs.

It is in the morning that the body is completely ready to absorb all the beneficial substances. And breakfast, after taking the oil, is well absorbed on an already neglected stomach.

Taking the oil on an empty stomach should be combined with diluted lemon juice to soften it…

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