“Olive” spring: fashionable color of olive in the spring wardrobe 2021

Olive color in fashion is not the first season. Periodically, he changes trend shades, but still remains on the wave. Shades from gray-green to rich khaki will be relevant again this spring. Therefore, blondes, and brunettes, and brown-haired women will choose their own shade of fashionable color. After all, olive is so multifaceted that it can be both cold and warm, and dark, and bright at the same time.


Along with brown or black, olive is one of the three basic shades for coats and jackets. It is very versatile, so strict cashmere coats and leather jackets in this color look stylish and fashionable.

A special place in the fashion trends of this season is occupied by trench coats and raincoats of golden-olive and greenish hues. They will suit any look, and can also become an independent outfit in combination with stylish accessories. In this case, a bag, shoes or scarf will suit gold, orange, purple, peach, gray and white.


In military color, designers offer not only casual wear, but also evening dresses.

The right shade and unique decor make clothes in trendy colors look completely different from military uniforms. Although with dense fabrics of this color you should be more careful. Chest pockets or an oversized cut are not very suitable for this shade.

Olive is a very deep and multifaceted color, it is able to both hide figure flaws and show its advantages.

Dresses made of flowing thin fabric deserve special attention: chiffon, silk, tulle or organza are suitable. Fluttering in a train, the olive color can multiply into a thousand shades, depending on the lighting of the room and the style of the outfit.


Swamp trouser suits have appeared in the collections of several fashion houses at once this season. They don’t look like tailored dress pants with pleats and double-breasted jackets.

These are cropped trousers and jackets of interesting shape and finish. With patch pockets, a fur collar, gold buttons or a leather belt, pantsuits look like this this season.

Thanks to the versatility of olive, such suits are combined with bright and pastel shirts or knee-highs.

Even colored summer t-shirts and t-shirts with military trousers look fashionable and stylish.


A bag is an obligatory attribute of any image, and its correct choice is the key to a successful outfit. Noble olive color wins on leather and suede bags of classic models.

Its designers often combine it with gray, black or beige in order to soften the abundance of marsh.

This bag is suitable for sports, and for everyday, and for a romantic outfit.

Confident and calm olive color in the wardrobe can be extremely diverse and not boring at all. The main thing is to choose the right shade and combine with successful companions.

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